Galaxy Note-style flip case for the Galaxy S II pops up in Malaysia

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When Samsung released the Galaxy Note, it also introduced a new type of case where the back part of it is also a battery door, giving the flip cover on the front something to attach to without increasing the thickness of the device on the back. It’s a fairly brilliant design, sharing many attributes with the Smart Cover for the iPad. It quickly became popular with Galaxy Note users (partly because it was given away for free with the first batch of devices) and also made it to the Galaxy S III accessory lineup.

As is often the case though, Samsung hasn’t made a version of this for older devices, like the Galaxy S II. A lot of people, me included, have looked around for a similar case for the S II, without finding one. Now, an xda-developers forum member has spotted a third party copy of the flip case that’s designed for the S II. It’s being sold in Malaysia through an eBay-like site, and from the few, low resolution images available it seems to be as close a copy to the Galaxy Note/Galaxy S III versions as possible.

I’ve settled down with a different style of case since I first tried to find something like this, but I know that there’s been a lot of questions from S II owners as to the availability of such a case. The fact that the images date back to February is not good news since it hasn’t popped up elsewhere since then, but hopefully it will, sooner or later. With a price of approximately $15 USD, it might also be possible to email the seller and set up an international sale without the end cost going through the roof.

[Lelong via xda-developers]
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