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Google says that official fix for Google Wallet is coming soon for HTC EVO 4G LTE

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Google has just updated its Play Store listing for Google Wallet with one little tidbit for HTC EVO 4G LTE owners: “Google Wallet will be unavailable on the EVO 4G until an OTA update in July.”

This is significant for several reasons: first, it’s a very public recognition from Google that it’s aware of the problem and already has a solution in mind. Second, we finally have a timeframe in which we can expect a fix, even though it’s still somewhat vague. And third, we have semi-official confirmation that the EVO 4G LTE will indeed get an OTA update in July.

Granted, there’s still three weeks left in July, and Sprint also doesn’t have the best track record with OTA updates as of late. But in any case, Google seems confident that the problem will be fixed before the end of the month, and while I still think that this whole debacle was absolutely ridiculous and completely unprofessional, it looks like it will all be over soon.

We will, of course, keep you updated as we hear more, but in the meantime, let’s just hope that Sprint pushes out that OTA update pronto.

[Google Play via Android Central]
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18 thoughts on “Google says that official fix for Google Wallet is coming soon for HTC EVO 4G LTE

  • Anyone think it is possible that this OTA could be for Jelly Bean?

    • anything’s possible, but that’s HIGHLY unlikely. We can always dream, though!

  • It’s about time. I miss using Google wallet.

  • Lol we should now have a voting pole as to when we think JB will be out for evo lte.
    I truly think Sept. They are on this like GB for evo4g (sorry i know sore subject for 3d owners). So I figure htc/sprint will be just as excited about their New baby as they were before.

    Oh and yes id like to actually try this Google wallet thingy out ;-)

  • Avatar of Paul E King

    What I want to know is why Google Wallet hacked works perfectly on the EVO 4G LTE. They keep claiming NFC driver issues or problems with how it works, but have yet to find anyone who said that the working hacked Wallet did anything bad.

    • More than likely it has to do with a security issue. Such as the way it is storing the credit card info. There are strict guidelines institutions must follow(i.e PCI-DSS).

      • Avatar of Paul E King

        Since this whole thing happened Google and Money Networks have changed their story multiple times.

        Started out as a problem with the activation servers, then went to an issue with Money Network, then they claimed it was a problem with an NFC driver.

        Pretty sure if it was a problem with how it was storing the card info all the other versions of Wallet that are the exact same program on other phones would have stopped working as well.

        There’s something afoot I believe that they are not telling us. I mean hell, I called Money Network and they flat out told me that the issue was that the servers had been taken off line because of Google.

        • Avatar of markbo2000

          When I received my EVO LTE I activated Wallet and used it at a drug store. It worked fine and had no issues. I even added money to the card. It sounds like something is afoot as you say, considering mine had no issues from the start.

  • I have no idea. But wouldn’t “official” app be more “secure” than ones reportedly working on rooted phones w custom roms?
    Seems a lil backwards to me. Or by design..
    Hopefully Sprint and Google have worked out a deal. Lol

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      Technically, when the official app is on the rooted phone it’s no longer secure. You’ll get a message saying device is not supported, but it will still work.

      The only secure portion of Wallet lays in that it can write to the secure element. The secure element cannot be read from by the OS so it doesn’t matter if you put on “Captain Swanky’s Totally Honest Wallet” – no piece of software in the phone can touch the stored data in the secure element.

      All wallet does is get the notification that something wants you to pay it, asks for an unlock code, and then gives the secure element a go-ahead to fire off your credit information via the NFC

  • Learn something every day.

  • Avatar of Zachary Jacob Zblewski

    I hope the fix is out by August 1st, because that’s when I can upgrade to the EVO 4G LTE, and this is on the features I would like to try out.

  • The update is out go get it people

  • I got the update this morning it was 42mb and it fix it

  • Beware if you are rooted or have not yet turned S-OFF:


    Quick High Level:
    New bootloader included: ver 1.15
    New kernel included.
    New radio included.

    New recovery included (although this won’t impact development, flashing this OTA .zip will write a stock recovery over any existing custom recovery.)

  • Avatar of Dominic L

    has anyone noticed if the OTA has done anything else to their phones?

  • Does the OTA update take away the foxfi wireless tether functionality? I’m not rooted but love that foxfi allows the wireless tether to work.


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