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Happy belated second birthday to the HTC EVO 4G

EVO turns 2 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

The original HTC EVO 4G turned two last month, a fact that escaped my attention because a very sweet HTC EVO 4G LTE was in my hands. So my OG was alone on its birthday as I held another. I feel vaguely guilty about this.

Launched on June 4, 2010, the HTC EVO 4G was the top-selling launch day phone on Sprint. It shipped with WiMax capabilities, Eclair Android 2.1, and an 8GB SD card.

Since its launch we’ve had the Carrier IQ saga, WiMax 4G petered out and died, and over a year ago the phone received its last official OS upgrade to Gingerbread. You’d think a two-year old phone would be something wrapped up, development abandoned and about to die as people traded theirs out for the new shiny things. But at two years and one month, we’re unofficially at the cutting edge with Jelly Bean ROMs in the root world, the places that had WiMax still reign supreme in terms of speed, and there’s not a whole lot that manufacturers have come out with that hasn’t been hacked, coded, or rigged to work on the OG EVO.

I’ve had my original EVO since three or four weeks after launch, making my EVO just a bit over two. It’s been overclocked, underclocked, undervolted, tweaked, dropped, and soaked, and had over four hundred ROMs, patches, and mods flashed to it. Its burned through one third-party SD card, five USB cables, two plastic screen protectors, and one dock. Interestingly enough, I’ve not managed to kill any batteries through SBC charging (or not) in that time.

While my 4G gets less action these days as I only flash ROMs on it and use it as an IP phone around the house, I can honestly say these last two years have been the first in my life that I actually liked a phone. I liked it so much I even started writing about it.

What have your experiences over the last two years with the OG EVO been? What do you plan to do with your OG if you still have it? Do you mentally replace the EVO 4G LTE with the OG in commercials Sprint puts up about “what you love” like I do?

Happy belated birthday. EVO 4G!

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