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HTC EVO 3D for Rogers in Canada gets ICS upgrade

evo 3d ics - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereYou can now add the Canadian version of the HTC EVO 3D to the list of EVO 3D variants that have been updated to Ice Cream Sandwich. Sprint’s version, on the other hand, is still stuck on Gingerbread.

This means that the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade – the one that Sprint promised last year would appear in early 2012 still isn’t here – in July. (This is also the same one that Sprint executive David Owens said would appear in the June timeframe.)

In case you missed this last month, our own Aaron Orquia wrote a fantastic piece about how Android manufacturers should  probably focus more on updates, rather than releasing new devices all the time. I agree with everything that he wrote, even though he didn’t once mention the EVO 3D by name. But in this case, it’s really a problem on Sprint’s end.

Before we bash HTC, let’s keep in mind that this update has already been out for a while; similar HTC devices have gotten Ice Cream Sandwich quite a while ago. The EVO 3D was even released on Virgin Mobile already running Ice Cream Sandwich – for whatever reason, Sprint is actively blocking this update right now.

I understand why Sprint might not want to update the OG EVO 4G to Ice Cream Sandwich; that device is already two years old, and early adopters are eligible to upgrade to the EVO 4G LTE now. But the EVO 3D is only a year old. And Sprint did away with yearly upgrades, which means that most people aren’t going to upgrade because it doesn’t make financial sense, even with Sprint’s new early upgrade program. So why keep a bunch of EVO 3D users on old software, when it’s obvious that there’s technically nothing holding Sprint back from sending out the update?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this has been a horrible blunder on Sprint’s part. I hope it learns from this mistake and opts to treat the EVO 4G LTE more like the OG EVO 4G, which got two OS updates (Froyo and Gingerbread) as opposed to the EVO 3D’s zero.

[Android Central]
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21 thoughts on “HTC EVO 3D for Rogers in Canada gets ICS upgrade

  • No WiMax (in most places)
    No LTE.
    No software upgrades.
    Poor data speeds in general.
    Why am I still on Sprint???

    • i seriously just dumped sprint for these issues. what a total joke.

      i’ve been a sprint fanboy for too long. i jumped ship to the galaxy nexus (luckily bought it before it was pulled), and now i’m on t-mo $30/month prepaid.

  • This is no longer bordering on ridiculous. This is a complete joke. Sprint is now the last provider in the world to upgrade this device. I for one am now thinking Sprint is the last provider in the world I want as my digital phone provider. So much for companies in the United States being on the leading edge of technology. Sprint is proving that is no longer true. Time to find a new provider!!!

    • Avatar of Simon Belmont

      Sprint has big debts to pay because of the amount of money they shelled out to carry the iPhone. So, in turn, they are doing anything they can to boost sales of new models in lieu of updating existing ones quickly.

      Is this fair? No. Does it make feasible financial sense to their bottom line in the face of stiff competition with Verizon and AT&T? Your darn tootin’, it does. I’ve had good service and good customer service with Sprint for duration of the time that I’ve been with them. I can only hope they decide to bite the bullet and push out updates faster to please their existing client base.

  • As a former Sprint employee – this doesn’t surprise me at all. They are slow on the draw with everything. They had a chance to get the iPhone before AT&T…FAIL. When the original RAZR was out and selling like hotcakes, they waited until it was 2 years old before they started selling it…FAIL. And now this. I have an unrooted EVO 3D and I’ve been waiting patiently for ICS and this sucks.

  • Avatar of Simon Belmont

    Ugh. The amount of non-Sprint EVO 3Ds getting the ICS update keeps growing and so does my irritation.

    It’s mostly because I’m almost certain Sprint has the update packaged and ready to go and they’re just sitting on it. They want people to buy their EVO 4G LTE handsets, and they’re probably waiting to release the white versions of that too before they give our EVO 3Ds the ICS update. I reckon the same thing is happening with the Epic 4G Touch. They’re sitting on its ICS update so people will buy the SGS3. I don’t blame HTC for this in the least. The amount of evidence that the ICS update has been finished and ready is huge.

  • By now I realy believe that Sprint EVO 3d will never get the ics update

  • ugh, why bother holding out when our other Android brothers are already on jelly bean!!

  • Avatar of Steve Gaudreau

    Major League SUCK!!! They’re already talking about android 4.1 and I ain’t even used to 4.0 yet. Why!?

  • Here is wishful thinking maybe sprint is just holding out for Jelly Bean. Yeah I know I just laughed a little myself. I don’t think sprint holding out on releasing ics for the Evo 3D is a good business practice. People tend to get sick of waiting for updates because sprint wants to play their marketing games. If they continue this practice people will eventually leave due to lack of support for existing devices. Yes in the short term they are making money on new devices but at what cost, customer satisfaction is going downhill.

    • Avatar of Simon Belmont

      They did it for the Sprint HTC Hero way back in 2010. Originally it was on Android 1.5 and was supposed to get Android 1.6, but they skipped to Android 2.1 instead.

      I honestly doubt that this is the case for the EVO 3D though. They’ve had it signed and sealed for ages, but just haven’t delivered it yet.

  • Avatar of Simon Belmont

    Frankly, it’s the source drop from HTC that I’m mostly interested in. I want fully functional CM9 and CM10 on my EVO 3D.

    CyanogenMod has already confirmed CM10 is coming after it hits AOSP and that it won’t take NEARLY as long as ICS did. So yeah, Sprint, give us ICS so that HTC can drop the source code.

  • Anyone have any bright ideas how to get out of Sprint contract? Tired of dealing w them.

    • Pay the termination fee asshole! Duh!


    How is it that the VM 3D already has ICS it but Sprint customers do not?

    Is it just greed? You know people want to be running the latest and greatest so why not make them buy a new phone to do so.

    You just want to sell a bunch of new LTE (Sprint Network Vision) phones w/ICS to poor saps who don’t even know there is practically NO LTE network infrastructure in place! And I almost forgot they get the privilege of paying an extra $10.00 a month for the use of the practically non-existent network.

    In the mean time you have customers that have been with you for many years getting ready to jump ship for business practices like this.

    Just go to any Android forum and read some of the posts regarding Sprints EVO 3D & waiting for the ICS OTA. Your really ticking off your customers and from what I can tell you can ill-afford losing yet more of your customer base.

    Release the update already, I know you have it! Don’t ask how but I do.

    I know this will probably never get read by any Sprint employee with any clout but at least I got to vent to my fellow frustrated 3D owners.

    Now excuse me while I go stand by the railing of this ship.

    Do the right thing Sprint, push the EVO 3D ICS OTA!

    Send an email to [email protected] let them know how you feel about the lack of support for your EVO 3D!

    Make it easy if you have replied to this thread just copy & paste your post into your email and include a link to this thread.

    Even if you have not and don’t wish to post in the thread send an email anyway!

    Suggested subject line: “Do the right thing Sprint, push the EVO 3D ICS OTA!” or whatever you want just make sure you let them know you want ICS on you EVO 3D! NOW!

  • I don’t think the EVO 3d will see icecream sandwich until the end of July or even August. They are going to debut there new 4h LTE network on July 15 th. They are trying to sell as many LTE phone’s as they can. That is why we are not getting our update. As soon as sales slow down on the 4g LTE phones we will get our update hopefully !!

  • Avatar of Jennifer Ray

    I moved to Sprint a year ago, when the Evo 3D was released. Since then, Sprint has eliminated almost every feature that made me choose their service. The fact that they still have not released the ICS update for Evo 3D is just one more straw on the camel’s back. I very much doubt I will continue with Sprint when my contract expires.

  • This baffles me. I just had my 3d exchanged a 6th time. I never activated it because I am now selling it. I’m tired of waiting. I am using an old palm pre till I can temporarily buy an epic touch 4g. I’m done with Htc for now unless they come out with another phone by December otherwise Samsung will have another user for at least 2 years.

  • Avatar of One of the Higher Ups


  • Avatar of brokenpromises

    So I wanna ditch sprint…. No ICS and Tired of the lies. What is my Carrie of choice? Should I keep my 3dvo or look for a new phone?

  • Still waiting for ice cream sandwich for my evo3d in
    Sprint in usa. If I don’t get ics by august 1st, am jumping ship on both carrier and phone manufacturer. Jellybean will be out before ics is released to us and it just isn’t fair.


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