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HTC EVO 4G LTE OTA 1.22.651.3 patches LazyPanda S-OFF exploit

lazypanda - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereThe new OTA update for the HTC EVO 4G LTE came out today bringing the version number to 1.22.651.3. It addressed several issues that users had been complaining about since the release last month of the phone onto the Sprint network. Along with the many fixes mentioned, it appears that HTC also fixed the LazyPanda S-OFF exploit, meaning that at the moment there is no way for an updated EVO 4G LTE to achieve S-OFF.

If you’re wanting an EVO with S-OFF and have not as of yet taken and installed the OTA from Sprint, you might want to go ahead and run the exploit now, or hold off updating to the OTA for a bit and see if they manage to find a new exploit.

Installing the OTA does not make an S-OFF phone into an S-ON phone; however, it does update the HBOOT and radios to a patched version that cannot be exploited in the same fashion LazyPanda did.

At the moment, with S-ON on an EVO 4G LTE, there is nothing you cannot achieve that an S-OFF phone could other than reverting your HBOOT to a different version. Radios, ROMs, recoveries, boot screens, etc. are all flashable with an HTCdev unlocked bootloader, although many prefer to not tell HTC what they’re doing with their phones. Update: getting conflicting information about radios and boot screens on the new OTA, will just assume they don’t work any more.

Updating to the new OTA has also been being reported to break root, so be prepared to re-flash recovery and superuser if you’re running stock rooted.

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16 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G LTE OTA 1.22.651.3 patches LazyPanda S-OFF exploit

  • Incorrect. You can no longer say that “At the moment, with S-ON on an EVO 4G LTE, there is nothing you cannot achieve that an S-OFF phone could other than reverting your HBOOT to a different version.” The 1.22 OTA update patches the S-OFF exploit as well as the current method of flashing splash screens / radios for HTCDev unlocked S-ON phones.

  • Here we go, same as the EVO 3D S-OFF bull Sh!t all over again!!! FML

    Glad I still have my s-off 3d I’m waiting to upgrade till next year. I got my wife the LTE and she loves it, but i still like whipping out my phone and showoff the 3D. If only sprint and HTC (and app devs) would support it as much as I love it, it needs more stereoscopic apps.

  • So I was going to root after they fixed Wallet. It worked for me before the device got unsupported, and now that I updated wallet doesn’t work and I can’t root with s-off. So I cannot flash radios (not important right now). Should I root now or wait for a new exploit for s-on radio flashing/wait for a new way of obtaining s-off?

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      I’m afraid I don’t have a good answer for you. I’m still getting conflicting reports on just about everything.

      I went s-off when LazyPanda came out, I’m still seeing developers posting that the old methods of S-ON flashing work and a couple of people I generally trust saying they don’t.

      I’d advise wait a couple of days, then decide what’s important to you if we don’t have more information by then,

  • When obtaining S-Off should I be unlinked to wallet? As far as I know I should be. I have no data for the app, but since I’m on the older version and haven’t updated…well I don’t want risk losing my wallet if I go s-off. I can’t check to see if my phone is still linked since I get kicked out of the app before I can try to continue.

    • Unlike HTCDev unlock, LazyPanda S-OFF does not reset the phone, so it shouldn’t affect Google Wallet.

    • Avatar of Carl Depeine

      I got S-off with Lazypanda, then flashed the new stock Rom with the latest update, and wallet works fine for me. Like what Kisakuku said LazyPanda S-OFF doesn’t reset the phone.

      • Thanks for the info on both of you. Did you take the OTA update or flash the latest “cracked” version? I know with s-off I can take ota all day long and still root. Just curious. I’ll run panda tonight then probably take the OTA and then make sure wallet is disconnected then flash the rooted stock rom.

        • Avatar of Kisakuku

          Why take the chance. Just flash the posted 1.22 firmware without the 1.15 hboot / stock recovery through bootloader and then flash the rooted 1.22 stock ROM or a custom 1.22-based ROM like MeanROM 1.4.

  • Any updates to this? I am rooted with an unlocked bootloader on my HTC Evo 4G LTE. I followed these instructions here:…#comment-45882 to manually complete the update and my google wallet app is now working fine! However, I don’t have S-OFF status. I’m still S-ON but want to go to S-OFF. Being that I performed the update via the link above, will I be able to achieve S-OFF status without bricking my phone?? Any updates to the lazy panda process that will enable me to achieve S-OFF now?

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      the URL got corrupted, so I cannot tell what the instructions were.

      Go to and shorten the URL and psot it again.

      I don’t think LazyPanda will brick a phone, just won’t S-OFF it… but, without seeing the steps you did can’t comment much further than that.

  • I’m just an average user. Got a 4G LTE today. I do know enough to check forums about updates because i was burnt in the past. I dont need Wallet, just want a reliable phone for work and youtube and games when im not working. Should i update? No wifi problems yet and I’ve been connected to my N router for a day now.
    Thanks for your advice.
    (when i read what you guys can do rooting and modding these phones I feel so stupid)

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      Hey, although I think everyone should have S-OFF, if you’re pretty happy with it so far go ahead and update. You’ll like it even more.

      The only main difference between S-OFF (which is not available at the moment on newer firmware) and HTCDev unlocked (which is the official unlocker) is flashing radios can be a bit of a pain, and kernels have to be flashed slightly differently.

      I was S-ON the entire time I had my EVO 3D in service (and now out of service) – nothing you can’t overcome, just one more little trick to learn.

      I think you’ll probably like the new stock OTA that sprint pushed today, and when the time comes in the future if you want to root I’ll point you to the rooting with S-ON pieces.


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