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HTC is prepping Jelly Bean for HTC One Series, but no mention (yet) of HTC EVO 4G LTE

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While Jelly Bean was just unveiled a few weeks ago, and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has gotten its update, users of other Android phones have been wondering if and when their devices would see the update. HTC has certainly been quite vague, but Australia’s Telstra has just indicated that the HTC One XL (that’s the LTE dual-core version of the One X) and the One S will indeed be getting Jelly Bean, as HTC is currently in the process of preparing the software for release.

While this isn’t exactly groundbreaking, it does show that HTC is committed to updating its flagship phones. On Sprint in the US, that means the HTC EVO 4G LTE will most likely get Jelly Bean around the same time that we can expect to see the One Series get it – barring any unforeseen carrier delays, of course.

And before people start pointing out Sprint’s absolutely terrible, awful, shameful, disgraceful, embarrassing, appalling, and atrocious track record with the EVO 3D and Ice Cream Sandwich (was that enough synonyms for you?), try to keep in mind how awesome Sprint and HTC were about getting the original EVO 4G updated. In fact, if you remember, they were the first to push out the Froyo update to their users – they were faster than Samsung, Motorola, and all the other Android manufacturers.

I have a feeling that Sprint is approaching the EVO 4G LTE in much the same way, and I think we should expect to see much better support than what we saw on the EVO 3D. Heck, lots of people didn’t even think that the EVO 3D was a true successor to the original EVO, and it seems that Sprint agrees, based on its treatment of the device.

Sprint has already poured a lot of love and marketing dollars into the latest EVO, so let’s give Sprint a little bit of time before we jump all over them like we have with the EVO 3D. Don’t get me wrong – I’m just as angry as the next person about how Sprint has treated the EVO 3D, but I’m hoping that it learned from its mistakes.

Time will tell, I guess.

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