If Apple blocks wired jailbreaks with new cable, the 30-pin adapter will probably do the same

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Last week, we got an exclusive from a well-informed source saying that Apple’s next iPhone might include new cables with chips in them that may block wired iOS jailbreaks. It’s still a rumor at this point, of course, but it got me thinking this past weekend.

Rumors have speculated that the new 19-pin dock connector is a sure thing, and that Apple will be providing an adapter with new iPhones so consumers can use their old accessories and cables that utilize the 30-pin connector that Apple has been using since 2003 with the introduction of the third-generation iPod. Old 30-pin accessories – be it cables or docks – don’t include special chips to block any sort of file from transferring to an iDevice, so Apple would still be giving would-be jailbreakers an option to do what they wish with their devices.


After having thought about it for a few days, I came to the conclusion that while an adapter makes it much easier for existing accessories to stay somewhat viable, I think the real reason that Apple will be providing an adapter is to block jailbreaks through those existing accessories. If our source turns out to be accurate, then Apple will undoubtedly think about older accessories and ways to block jailbreaks through them, as well – in other words, the adapter will most likely house those same rumored chips.

It’s all still speculation at this point, but I think it makes sense for Apple’s adapter to do more than just allow older accessories to live a little longer, especially if the new 19-pin cables will be blocking wired jailbreaks.

Let’s have a discussion in the comments below. Do you think that this could happen, or do you think that not even Apple is that evil?

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5 thoughts on “If Apple blocks wired jailbreaks with new cable, the 30-pin adapter will probably do the same

  • I’ll just answer the question about Apple being evil. Yes, they are that evil.

  • LOL @freml. i know. i cant believe he even asked. wow.

  • Avatar of Marvin the Martian

    Of course it could happen. The choice is simple enough….if you’re not content with the stock iOS experience, then go Android.

  • I lol at this. Its unbelievable that people will still buy products like this.

    • Avatar of Calob Horton

      To be fair, most people have no interest in jailbreaking or rooting their devices. And Apple could turn this into a security thing, saying that stopping unauthorized code from entering your phone is really safe and cool. It’s something Apple would do, anyway.


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