Kickstarter spotlight: FLASHr

We have covered LED notifications several times before – for Android. But what about iOS? While having a dedicated notification LED is likely not going to happen for the iPhone (or the iPad) anytime soon, iOS does actually allow for camera LED notifications as part of the accessibility settings. This is the feature that the FLASHr is exploiting in a rather brilliant way.

The FLASHr is a case with absolutely no electronics. What it does have is a sliding mirror piece that slides in front of the camera LED on the iPhone 4/4S and redirects the light out to the sides, where the colored translucent side pieces of the case turn the white camera LED into color notification light goodness. You can slide the mirror piece to the side to uncover the LED for normal use.

It’s simple, but brilliant, and effective – the kind of thing that makes you wonder why no one else has thought of it. The camera LED being on the back and extremely bright are two reasons why it’s not the same as having a dedicated notification light, and this brilliantly solves both those issues. Grabbing a FLASHr will cost you $30 if you hurry and $35 if you don’t, and you’ll be able to mix and match different colors for the various pieces that make up the case.

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