Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse and Wedge Keyboard are an interesting take on peripherals

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Let’s say you’re out of the house with your Surface and want to bust out a mouse for finer control. Or maybe you’re at home, with your tablet plugged into a nice big screen sitting on your desk alongside a mouse and keyboard. Which accessories do you go with? If a leaked product listing found on Best Buy is accurate, you might just be using the new Wedge Touch Mouse or Wedge Keyboard.

These new accessories are quite different from your average mouse and keyboard. The Wedge Touch Mouse is an oddly-shaped, well, wedge, with a fully touch-sensitive surface for gesture support. Rather than taking up one of the Surface’s precious USB ports, the mouse will connect to your PC via Bluetooth.

The Wedge Keyboard, on the other hand, has a small form factor ostensibly designed for mobile use. The image of the keyboard seems to show off two separate models, one of which combines the Y and Z keys. Like the Surface touch cover, the Wedge Keyboard(s) sports the new Windows 8 logo on the Windows key and buttons for the Charms across the top. It, too, seems to come with a cover.

At first glance, the Wedge Touch Mouse – which will supposedly retail for $60.99 – looks like it might be slightly uncomfortable, while the Wedge Keyboard – which will supposedly retail for $68.99 – appears as if it might be difficult to get used to the merged Y and Z keys. That being said, I’m willing to reserve final judgment until these devices are officially unveiled, which is expected to happen in the near future.

[ZDNet via WinFuture]
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