My preferred keyboard: Perfect Keyboard (Android)

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One of the things you can switch out on Android that you can’t switch out on iOS is the keyboard. This has spawned countless third party keyboards, both free and paid ones. I’ve been back and forth between a few different keyboards in the past, but I finally ended up with Perfect Keyboard Pro.

There are a couple of reasons why I settled on that specific keyboard. The first is that it’s clean. It looks very much like the stock Gingerbread keyboard if you use the right theme, without a ton of extra buttons and things all over the place. Many keyboards support themes, don’t get me wrong, but they have a tendency to theme a keyboard that isn’t what I want it to be to begin with. Perfect Keyboard is also fully compatible with my S II, whereas another, similar keyboard had issues with haptic feedback (vibrate on key press) not working.

The second reason is the level of customization. I already mentioned themes, and aside from that, you have things like background image, colors, word suggestion settings, gestures, and the whole shebang – though this is pretty standard stuff. The one setting I couldn’t find elsewhere however was a proper key size settings. Sure, most third party keyboards allow you to choose the size of your keys, but only within certain limits. They all seem to have a built in opinion of when enough is enough, which is great in theory, but on my Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus there’s apparently something with the screen size and resolution that breaks the norms, especially in landscape mode. Perfect Keyboard is the first keyboard I’ve found that allows me to customize the Tab’s keyboard the way I truly want, rather than just change it in the general direction of what I want.

perfect keyboard pro - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereThere are plenty of fancy keyboards out there with new, “improved” methods for typing, but if you want something that is just a more powerful version of a normal keyboard, give Perfect keyboard a try. The Pro version is $3.

Download: Google Play

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