Notify My Android lets you send notifications to your device from outside sources

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I’ve previously covered how to send notifications from your device to a PC, but what about the other way? Notify My Android is an app that does just that, and much more. It’s designed to let you send notifications from essentially anywhere and anything to your Android device, through the use of APIs. For the average consumer, it also supports a small range of programs, has an online notification creator, and can be used via email.

Using APIs aside, this can be useful for the average Android user. The list of programs that it supports isn’t likely to peak everyone’s interest, but the email and online creator may just be. When you sign up for an account, you can create API keys which then can be used to send notifications through email in the form of [email protected]. Any email you send to such an address will pop up as a notification on your device, with the sender as title, subject as event, and email body as the notification description. Different priorities can be used, where it’s also possible to have notifications override the quiet time setting in the app, if in use. Individual notification ringtones can also be used for each priority level.

It’s also possible to send “test notifications” from the web. While meant for testing, I can see that be very useful for situations where e.g. family members can send you notifications from any web browser, assuming that you don’t mind them having access to your account of course. There’s always email, SMS, IM etc, but at least it’s an option. Finally, there’s the API access, which I mention last despite being the most powerful because few normal users would be able to use it. It does however allow people to tie into the NMA system and in theory send Android notifications from anything that’s connected to the internet.

nma - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereI personally bought it for the Tasker compatibility, which is in the latest beta version of Tasker. It will allow Tasker to trigger based on NMA notifications, giving me a new, non-SMS, non-email way to control Tasker remotely. I’m going to be using it with, though I had to create a new Gmail account and set up that to forward to the API address due the that address being too long. A forum message from the developer promised a fix for this back in May, but nothing seem to have happened since. Either way, it was easy to get around by making a dedicated, easier-to-remember Gmail address specifically for my API address.

All in all, this is an app with a lot of possibilities, though some of them might be a bit above what most people are willing to go through to make it work.

Download: Google Play

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