OneNote MX preview app arrives on the Windows Store

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Well that certainly didn’t take long. Our friends over at just noticed that the preview release of OneNote MX, Microsoft’s first Metro-style Office app for Windows 8, has appeared in the Windows Store. The MX part of the name isn’t expected to make it into the final release, as it reportedly stands for “Metro eXperience.”

OneNote MX supports all of the features you’d expect from a OneNote 2013 app, including the ability to make lists, draw and write, take pictures, customize formatting, utilize Windows 8’s integrated search, snap view, and much more. The new radial touch menu also makes its debut.

The screenshot above shows what OneNote MX looks like when all four viewing panes are enabled. By default, OneNote MX only shows the list of pages in the current notebook (the blue column) and the currently selected page (the far-right column where the list of games is displayed). You can, however, bring up the list of notebooks and sections by clicking on the dark blue header at the top of the app or by clicking on the “Notebooks” button in the app bar. There, you’ll also find an option to hide the page list for a full screen experience. The font seems to be a bit large, but there’s probably a way to change it.

The other Metro-style Office app, Lync MX, still has yet to show its face on the Windows Store. You can, however, download the Customer Preview version of the full Office 2013 suite and try the new desktop applications for yourself. In fact, this post was written and published entirely from Word 2013. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at the OneNote MX preview app later this week.

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