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PayPal Here - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Four months ago we announced that PayPal is launching a mobile credit card solution, called PayPal Here. PayPal is not the first to have a mobile credit card solution, and frankly I am surprised at how late to the game they arrived. PayPal has probably been the most successful third party way to pay online. PayPal got big during the early days of Ebay, and you can hardly find an auction on Ebay that doesn’t take PayPal as payment. In fact there are a lot of auctions that only take PayPal for payments. They have since branched out from Ebay and are now accepted at stores all across the internet.

After hearing about PayPal Here four months ago, I of course went and signed up and was informed that I would be put on a list for when Here was ready to be launched. I had actually completely forgotten about it until I received an email today inviting me to download the updated app and register for my free card reader. Registration was quick and painless since PayPal already had all of my information. After signing in, I had to answer three questions to verify my identity and my shipping address, and then answer a couple of questions on how I would be using PayPal Here. It took me all of 30 seconds and I was informed that my reader would be on its way. I was then greeted by a screen telling me that I was open for business. If I needed to use the app to accept payments right away by manually entering in the card information I could, I would just pay a slightly higher percentage to do so.

Currently PayPal Here is only available for a select list of Android Phones and iPhones. They specifically state that it will not work with Android tablets right now, but there is no mention at all of the iPad. The app installed just fine on my iPad, but that doesn’t mean that it will work. Either way I will have to wait until I actually receive my card reader to test it out. PayPal Here is also still in an invite only stage of development. It seems PayPal is thoroughly testing every part of this feature, which is very comforting as I like the people who handle my money to be confident in the way that they move it around. Check out the PayPal Here FAQ’s page for more information.

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PaypalHere - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

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