Poll: How is your Google Nexus 7’s build quality?

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The Nexus 7 tablet, the device developed from a partnership by Google and Asus, has started shipping to eager customers this week. Initial impressions of the 7-inch Jelly Bean tablet have been fairly positive, but there are some users who have encountered issues with the Nexus’ build quality.

For instance, some users have experienced a “lifted display,” which literally means that the screen is detaching itself from the housing; as some users over at xda-developers have found out, opening the back of your tablet and tightening the incredibly loose screens will keep things together. Of course, you should definitely exercise caution if you decide to go that route. Shipping times for the tablet are getting better, so you might just want to ask Google for a replacement instead of opening the tablet up.

The Nexus 7 is a really big deal for Google and Asus – and obviously for a lot of other people, too. Asus is probably trying to make as many tablets as it can to meet the high demand, but in turn is causing some manufacturing defects for some devices. I think we could see a response from Google or Asus about the problem soon; in the meantime, take part in our poll below and be sure to participate in the comments after you answer!

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