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ROM Picks: MeanROM ICS 0.9 for the HTC EVO 4G LTE

2012 07 06 12.33.34 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereMeanROM’s is a replacement ROM for the HTC EVO 4G LTE which has three stated goals: being clean, mean, and nice. We’ve previously covered MeanROM for the HTC EVO 3D, which was one of my favorite daily drivers for a long time, but it’s become something of a new beast on the new phone.

The “clean” portion of the stated goals are that MeanROM looks like stock, not a lot of font nuttiness or jaggy themes going on. There’s really not much difference between stock and MeanROM’s looks when you first flash the ROM. There’s a slightly different dock, but nothing you can’t modify yourself back to stock.

The “mean” portion is aggressive tweaks for battery conservation while the screen is off, and dual-core mods for while the phone is on and running that keep the LTE ready as can be along with the ability to overclock to 1.72GHz. It also feels like there’s something been done to the multi-tasking memory management as once the ROM is booted everything runs pretty smoothly.

The “nice” goal involves adding things that are not part of stock or fixing problems that shipped with stock. Google Wallet works on this ROM, you have an accurate 1X/3G indicator of signal strength, a 5-in-1 power menu has been added, quick settings, HTML in Microsoft Exchange email, uncompressed MMS, MMS over WiFi, quiet camera, camera photo enhancements, long press volume rocker to skip tracks, capacitive buttons dim with the screen, 360 Rosie if you want it, smooth scrolling mods, circular battery with 1% increments, and a pack of both the 4G LTE and 3D ringtones, and a lot more.

After running this about a day, it’s made my phone a much happier EVO. I haven’t bothered with the overclocking or the flashable mods that ship with it because what ships just works great right out of the box. Most of the annoyances I have with the stock EVO 4G LTE were wiped away with one flash.

It scores in the 5000-5200 Quadrant range right out of the box, so there’s perhaps a little improvement without even adding the overclocking tweaks. The smoothness of the ROM is where this thing shines though. No long delays switching between things, no jerkiness.

The thing about MeanROM is that this is what should have shipped – working Wallet, smooth, perhaps not with the root tools, but you get my point.

Remember if you’re flashing this, make sure to clear your wallet settings if you managed to get a wallet set up beforehand. If you remembered mid-flash that you didn’t do this, don’t freak out, try opening Titanium and restoring the Android ID. Also make a nandroid backup as this is going to replace everything and if you don’t like you can flash back.

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13 thoughts on “ROM Picks: MeanROM ICS 0.9 for the HTC EVO 4G LTE

  • Thanks for the info and review! Quick?
    I flashed the Viper rom which I seem to like alot and seems pretty stable. I had never used it b4 on my OG evo4g, if it was even available. But how would you compare the two if ya could? Im really interested in flashing this after reading your write up.
    Thanks again for any additional info

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      I just started flashing ROMs on my 4G LTE (as such this is the first ROM Pick as opposed to “…now available”)

      Historically, Viper has always been the fastest and feature filled but not the greatest on battery life.

      This round, not sure yet, will let you know when I flash Viper to test. Seems everyone has about the same set of mods and tweaks at the moment

  • Well cool. Im gonna back everything up and give it a shot i think. Btw.. Best suggestions for backing up text and mms? Been the one thing i haven’t ever really learned when switching roms.
    Thanks as always

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      I use Google Voice texts, so they’re always there when I reinstall Voice on the next ROM.

      However, titanium backup can back them up and restore – can’t help you with how that works though.

      People also swear by “SMS Backup & Restore” with 17,000+ positive reviews.

      No idea on MMS backups though… when I did them, I just used Titanium… that was a long long long time ago now.

  • Is the All-In-one root kit available on Windows for the HTC EVO 4G LTE still be best rooting method to date? (from previous post)

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      checking, gimme a sec

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      best method no, easiest yes. All-in-One I do not think has been modified to use the lazypanda s-off, so you’ll be registered with HTC as someone who unlocked their phone.Possibly some other things will not be available as easy to you.

      Best method is the LazyPanda S-OFF, flashing twrp manually, and installing superuser. Lazypanda requires an SD card to write to (does some sort of weird file allocation exploit to achieve s-off) but you’ll have a completely unlocked unknown to HTC rooted phone.

      Not that anyone’s been turned down by being registered at HTC that we know of.

  • love this rom!! im a huge mean rom fan.. i been rockin mean rom since it first came out months ago on the evo 3d.. fast.. battery life is great.. mikey’s always got updates!! what more could u ask for!???? :)

  • Can someone help?
    I do like the rom, honesty seems the same as the viper one that I tried too. (except boot screen which is funny)

    I cant figure out why mms is still getting terribly compressed. I went into settings and its still saying 1M and stock messaging app in still compressing the heck outta my pictures. I really dont care for 3rd party messaging apps cause they are lil sketch but ive been using handset sms because it doesn’t compress and works without a special launcher (go sms) even though i use Nova Prime. Am i doing something wrong or missing something. I reflashed the rom however i never did a complete wipe (factory reset) just cache/dalvik.
    Thanks for any help with this. Is really one of the main features i was looking forward to.

  • Yeah mikey puts out a helluva product…top notch on updates. Was almost hard to keep up on my 3D lol. Back before ics roms my phone almost always had mean rom or cho’s which is odex. Both are awesome. Mikmik has em both. I been running mik and cho roms for couple years. Cant go wrong with them. I will also agree viper does have nice stuff as well. Ran a sense 4.0 rom on my 3D by him that was awesome! Loved the app install thingy on startup.

  • So….
    I’m the only person who flashed this rom and therefor nobody can respond back as to why the mms compression “fix” doesn’t seem to work?
    Any info would be much appreciated.
    Idk even understand why it’s a issue (the compression in the first place) its horrible on normal sms/mms app. Am I confused…?
    It’s a sprint exclusive phone.
    Sprint is mostly all unlimited data. (unless super cheap plan) but then again those customers probably don’t have “smartphones” w extra data charges to begin with.
    (the $10mo)
    Anyways any help on this issue would be most appreciated.

    • Moral of the story-
      Get good and efficient at backing up everything, Always Make A Nandroid and If your flashing a new rom just go ahead and do a complete factory reset.
      Rom works great and I now have all the tweaks and mods (mostly the mms compression I was worried about) I was hoping to have with flashing this MEAN Rom.

      Thanks again Paul


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