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ROM Picks: Rejuvenated Stock 2.1 for the HTC EVO 4G LTE

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Rejuvenated Stock is a custom ROM for the HTC EVO 4G LTE built off of the latest OTA that offers a lot of improvements over the stock ROM. In performance, options, and battery life Rejuvenated Stock outperforms the stock Sense ROM that shipped with the phone.

Among the many options RS offers over stock is the ability to go into roam-only mode, allowing you to skip attempting to connect to a weak Sprint tower in favor of roaming onto whatever is available. This is an option that’s really been useful for me as a place I am in training has a Sprint tower somewhere nearby that delivers one bar of signal and then fades depending on which way the wind blows or if a canary sneezes in my direction.

It also has the option inside the installer to include the HQ camera mods, which allow for much less compressed photos / higher detail. While average users will probably not notice too much of a difference between HQ and regular modes, if you’re attempting to blow up a photo for print, or just see individual hairs on a subject, the HQ camera mod is a must.

Rejuvenated Stock’s installer is Aroma based, which means you get to pick and choose a lot of the options to install or not install. If you’re not interested in taking very large photos, you can skip the HQ camera mod. If you don’t like what the Sony Bravia photo engine does, you don’t have to include it. If you hate the Sense 4.0 lockscreen you can replace it with an AOSP one. If you’d rather not have landscape Rosie, you can select that as well.

Besides what options you want to install you can also remove Sprint and EVO bloat as you see fit.

While there’s not a whole lot that jumps out and screams that the ROM is highly customized, it has the tools and tweaks needed to make most ROM flashers pretty happy.

Coming from MeanROM, there were a few things that I miss from it that I wish RS had such as  HTML viewing of email on Exchange connections and overclocking, which isn’t really required, but is really fun to play with. I also miss whatever mod was made to Google Wallet that prevents it from showing “this device is not supported.” I’m just picking hairs now though.

Battery life is pretty decent. I’ve seen reports of people getting nearly two days of life out of the phone. My particular usage patterns generally netted me about 15 hours with the 2.05 release I was running and appear that that will be the case with the 2.1 release. Your battery life will however vary depending on what battery consuming apps you have installed, how near you are to a tower, how many people around you are on the same frequency as your phone, if a dog looked at you sideways in the previous week, what the temperature is, etc.

I’ve also been in locations recently where the phone would not have lasted four hours even on a charger. That’s entirely the signal/phone/usage and not the ROM though. You can’t draw 1800mAh and survive long.

Rejuvenated Stock is a pretty neat ROM all around. It’s about 10% slower than the fastest ROM I’ve ever run, about 15% better observed battery life, and just a nice solid offering.

If you like it, the ROM suggests you consider buying the developer a beer.

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