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ROM Picks: RemICS-UX port for the HTC EVO 4G

2012 07 03 14.12.06 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereTeam D.I.R.T. (Developers In Real Time) has been making a name for itself in the HTC EVO line of phones lately, bringing rather interesting things we’ve not really seen in custom ROMs to the EVO lineup. Their latest (that I’ve installed) is an Ice Cream Sandwich/Android 4.0.4 ROM based off of a Samsung Galaxy S ROM that has been ported to the HTC EVO 4G.

While the functionality of the ROM remains basically the same as others, there’s a lot that’s different between this and most other ROMs you’ll flash. RemICS features a UI like the Galaxy S3, including wallpapers, sounds, icons, ringtones, and anything else that would make it look that way, although you can change whatever you want to make it look and feel like you want.

It also contains a rather neat Siri-like app called S-Voice. It seems to fail at getting what I want about as much as Siri did in the initial days, but that’s Samsung’s S-Voice and not the fault of the developer. It gets the words perfectly, but what I’m actually looking for is sometime like pulling teeth to get it to work.

RemICS-UX requires an A2SD-partitioned SD card, so your initial investment in time is going to be a bit higher to flash this ROM than others, but your payoff will be having a gig or two of free internal storage to put your apps on (depending on how you partition it.) I personally run with only 512MB, but that’s because my EVO 4G is not my daily driver, and I do not install a lot of apps on it.

2012 07 03 14.35.49 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereOne of the other things on this ROM is the Sony Walkman music player. I’m not sure if it’s because of the ROM or the player, but the sound on my ultimate test (crappy old iPhone headsets) is really amazing. Also extremely loud. I would guess that the XLoud engine was baked into this, but I don’t see any mention of it.

As with most ICS ROMS on the EVO 4G, the same set of problems that plague all of them are here. No front facing camera, 4G, Netflix, or Hulu. Considering it’s been almost ten months since ICS came out, it’s starting to become a mantra. It doesn’t work, and nobody knows when someone will program a fix for it. Also, it’s not a problem of the developers, just of the ICS base on the EVO 4G.

The calculator, memo pad, and a couple of other apps are TouchWiz versions – a little bit different but functionally the same. There are neat little things everywhere that the HTC line of phones does not generally see in ROMs, but functionally, it’s about the same across the board, other than the pretty-neat S-Voice app.

I can’t really tell any more if this ROM is faster than others. We’ve reached the tweak points of ICS where I think any more tweaking and the phone will explode. It feels fast after it’s loaded, and loads pretty fast after the first boot.

I really like this ROM, and if my OG EVO 4G were still my daily, it would be the ROM driving it. Well, at least until something newer from D.I.R.T. showed up.

Links: Download | S-Voice patch | Development thread/Install instructions

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7 thoughts on “ROM Picks: RemICS-UX port for the HTC EVO 4G

  • Thanks Paul again for the write up!! I’m glad you like the ROM and the last part about if you still had the OG, this would be your daily driver…..that would be an honor if you still used your OG :)

    Thanks again dude!!

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      I still have my OG, just not in service. Actually at my house I have my original EVO 4G, my wife’s evo 4g, her new EVO 3D that I bought off of Jenn Lee but have not put into service yet, my old 3d that I’ll be using to test ROMs on since I can’t touch the wife’s, my 4G LTE. And a couple Treos from 2003 and a random MS-Phone (6/6.5?) from 2005.

      Nothing I write about becomes a ROM Pick without me flashing and playing with it a bit and liking it.

      I currently have a project where I have to stay on stock 4G LTE (albeit rooted and s-off) which is why I haven’t written any ROM Picks for the LTE yet. Just ROM announcements.

      Yeah, so far impressed with what DIRT has dug up.

  • WOW that’s a lot of phones..hahaha

    Yeah I wouldn’t say “YEAH this ROM is cool” without flashing it either! Yeah I’m really liking what those folks over on the LTE side of the house are doing! I can’t wait to get an EVO LTE so I can stat on that :)

    Hey BTW, we just dropped yet ANOTHER ICS port…

    Thanks again, Paul! :)

  • Looks like a neat rom. I will def install on my evo. I too carry around my og evo. I have the EVO LTE which I absolutely love, but for some reason I end up doing a lot of my daily tasks on my og evo. And since we are also talking about legacy devices, I still keep my first smart phone from 2005, the HTC PPC6700 with windows mobile 5. A device with a lot of flaws but I couldn’t leave with out it back then.

  • Very cool. I still have my “new from last min insurance claim” OG evo4g. Love playing with it as a Google play device. Rocking the new lte makes it hard to get back to actually using it as much as I thought but I think that’s just because of the “new” factor. I would still really like to see og G&E guys make a cool –
    -here’s what to do with your old buddy the HTC evo4g-
    Still sweet and pretty powerful device, still seems to have new finely tweaked roms and development but… Let’s strip the nonsense and make roms to just enable the thing to freaking fly but not need all the radios and such dedicated to a carrier. Sure wifi. But that’s it @best! Take great pics and edit, view data(um, Kickstand) and play games and such..dedicated Gps too? :-P

    Just saying, more and more original evo4g owners will hit contract upgrade time frame and more and more HTC LTE phones will be purchased (cause the flagship series is sweet).. So comes development.
    I hope to see new ways to use the original evo that are out of the box but still as a amazingly capable device. Seems possible.

    So the future of this new EVO LTE…..
    Looking forward to it.

    Thanks again for all the info! Is why this Site is so awesome and worth reading for the past 26 months

  • Avatar of Simon Belmont

    Team DIRT makes some solid ROMs. This one looks good. I might have to convince the wife to flash it on her EVO 4G. She’s still loving CM7.2, though, for its speed and battery life.

    Speaking of old phones. I still use my original Android phone, a Sprint HTC Hero, to mess around with ROMs and do random stuff if my EVO 3D is charging or something.


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