Samsung comments on Jelly Bean upgrade, causes confusion with choice of words

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To paraphrase the Tasker developer’s comment on the Jelly Bean update, you can’t stop progress, but it sure would be nice if progress happened every year instead of every six months. Right now you have a sea of devices out there still waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich, and then Google just came out with the next version of Android, resetting the entire “up-to-date” counter. People are all over the place trying to find out if their device will get an official upgrade, and TechnoBuffalo managed to get Samsung to spew out a few semi-misleading comments about Jelly Bean on Samsung devices.

The official word is that “Samsung will soon announce which additional devices are eligible for the Jelly Bean update.” This has lead several sites to report that Samsung is going to offer Jelly Bean to eligible devices, which is both unlikely and not what the statement says. The hacker community has proven that pretty much all devices are eligible for new versions of Android, which would mean a lot of devices would get the upgrade, even the original Galaxy Tab (P1000). What Samsung is actually saying though is that it will announce which devices are eligible, meaning that it’s going to be a case of what devices Samsung wants to update.

Personally, I think that the Galaxy S III is the only device guaranteed to get the upgrade, with the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and 10.1 coming in second, followed by the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S II. It wouldn’t surprise me if both the latter two were cut off though, or at least delayed long enough that people would get seriously annoyed. I have to say that while nothing in ICS itself interested me enough to upgrade my S II, the new notifications almost, kind of do, at least for the 15 seconds it takes my brain to remind itself that I can basically do the same and more with Tasker if I really need to. Call me crazy, but after the horrible nightmare that Google turned tablet notifications into, any mention of notification changes in Android makes me scared to death.

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