Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 commercial shows off interesting software

The Galaxy Note 10.1 hasn’t exactly been the easiest tablet to plan for, as it’s popped in and out of media for months without anything really concrete being said about its release date. A new commercial for the tablet just popped up though, suggesting that it might not be that far away from consumer hands.

The commercial shows off some software features of the new device, which is a very important aspect of a tablet with a proper pen. Android doesn’t really have any good note taking applications when it comes to hand writing, whereas there are almost too many on iOS. Judging from the video, the Note 10.1 will come with a Samsung-made note taking app that shares a lot of features with Notes Plus on the iPad. Specifically, shape matching and a split-screen view similar to Taposé are both features you find in Notes Plus as well as Samsung’s new app. Document import also seems to be in place, which is a good thing.

While Samsung didn’t really have any choice but to create its own software for the Note 10.1 to be really useful, that still doesn’t leave me too optimistic for the end result. Traditionally, stock apps don’t get updates, so what you get at release is what you get – period. Having used note taking apps extensively on the iPad, I fear that the software side of things is going to be lacking a lot of features that iOS has, making the Galaxy Note 10.1 a pen-enabled, software-lacking alternative to a software-enabled, pen-lacking iPad. I guess time will tell.

[YouTube via The Verge]


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