Sony Xperia Tablet leaks, will start at $449.99 when it goes on sale

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Sony’s Tablet S has been out since September 16, 2011, in some areas of the world. That means Sony’s 10-inch tablet is close to turning one year old – which means that Sony’s probably going to introduce a successor soon.

Today, that successor was revealed in a leaked internal slides. According to the slide above, the new tablet  – aptly named the “Xperia Tablet” – will be “thinner and lighter” than the Tablet S, but will still continue Sony’s magazine-esque design. The tablet’s aluminum body will also be splash-proof – a nice feature, if only for the peace of mind it will bring.

Inside that splash-proof body will be some pretty decent specs, including: a Tegra 3 processor; Android 4.0 “or later”; 3G connectivity; a 6000mAh battery that will provide up to 10 hours of WiFi browsing; and 16, 32, or 64GB of internal storage for $449.99, $549.99, and $649.99 respectively.

The tablet also has an interesting accessory: a keyboard/stand combination. It makes the tablet look a bit like the Microsoft Surface in that there is a keyboard and a stand on the back to keep the tablet propped up during operation. Unlike the Surface, however, the keyboard and the stand are the same accessory – not separate like Microsoft’s tablet.

The leaked slides don’t give a release date, but like I mentioned earlier, the current 10-inch Sony Tablet – the Tablet S – is almost a year old, so I doubt it will be much longer before we see an official release date from Sony.

[Mobiflip (German) via The Verge]
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