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I’ve been paying for Spotify for a while now, and I’m generally happy with the service that the company provides to me. It offers a lot of music to me that I can stream from and download and onto any of my devices for just $10 a month.

Unfortunately, while Spotify is actively updating its apps for mobile operating systems like iOS and Android, it seems to have left development of its OS X desktop app in the dust. Updates are few and far between, and most of them have no positive effect on the reliability of the app – it always crashes on me.

As a paying customer, I expect Spotify’s apps to work properly. $10 a month isn’t much in the short-term, but each year costs me $120. Most of that money should go to artists, of course, but I want a little bit of it to go to Spotify so it can pay its developers for doing a good job. Or, maybe that money I pay every month can be paid to them if they do a better job than they are now.

Let me tell you about a day in the life of me, a heavy OS X user who also uses Spotify constantly. I’ll start out my day by pulling up an album or an artist page in the app so I can listen to their music. As soon as I do that boom – the app crashes and I am forced to reopen it and find where I was again.

That’s not even the worst part, though: the worst part is when I finally get into a playlist, an album, or an artist page. I’ll be listening to the music, and then Spotify will crash again!

It happens around four to five times a day on either of my Macs – and that’s on a good day. Meanwhile, all of my iOS and Android devices can run Spotify all day without any problems.

I truly love Spotify – I think it’s the best music streaming service out there – but I wish the desktop app was on par with Rdio’s desktop app. If that service had more selection, I’d be using it instead just because of its better desktop app experience.

If you subscribe to Spotify, how do you feel about its desktop apps, OS X or otherwise?

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