Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III unboxing

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I wasn’t planning on doing an unboxing of this Sprint-branded Samsung Galaxy S III, but I’m writing one up anyway. When the FedEx delivery man pulled up to my driveway and gave me the plastic bag in which the phone was resting, I figured that it was just going to be another box with a lot of Sprint branding everywhere.

As you can see, this is not a Sprint box. In fact, the only mention of Sprint affiliation is on the back; this means that the front is covered only by Samsung’s branding and the sides are left completely bare. I’ve been reviewing Sprint devices for almost two years now and this is the first box from the company that I’ve ever felt was quality. It might seem like a meaningless thing to bring up, but it’s certainly a nice touch by Samsung and Sprint.

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The Galaxy S III itself is tucked away in a traditional cardboard housing. Underneath that is the traditional assortment of included accessories: headphones, wall charger, and USB to microUSB cable. Also included is the instruction manual – but who cares about that?

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My first impression of the device can be summed up in one word: Samsung. It’s a Samsung phone, and it definitely feels like it. Shiny plastics and relatively poor build quality plagued this review unit from the time I opened the box. It’s a rather unfortunate trend for Samsung phones; hopefully, possibly, maybe someday Samsung will build a quality device. We’re waiting.

I’ll publish my full review of the Samsung Galaxy S III when I feel that I’ve spent enough time with the device. After all, there are quite a few features of this phone that will probably keep me busy for a while. Until it’s published, ask any questions that you have about the device in the comments below and I’ll try to answer them in my final review.

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2 thoughts on “Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III unboxing

  • Avatar of Bryan Faulkner

    I’ve never actually ordered a phone to come in the mail. I always go see my friend who works in the Mobile department at Best Buy. That means that he is usually the one to unbox my phones as he activates and sets them up for me.

    That is a nice looking box job though. Even though the packaging is usually quickly discarded I appreciate a package well done.

  • Avatar of evobluballs

    been debating on getting this phone or the new white Evo 4g Lte. Been looking at the s3 online for months though. Maybe i will wait to see what the hype I been hearing online about something that Samsung is doing in the fall with 5 new phones. not sure if its true, but has anyone heard of this- Samsung has 5 new phones coming this fall for their anniversary I heard another new Samsung nexus and possibly an s4 and a new note for all carriers.


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