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Sprint speaks out against patent wars

apple evil - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereApple really doesn’t like its competition. It successfully delayed the launch of the HTC EVO 4G LTE, and its most recent focus has been on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. So when a recent OTA update for the Samsung Galaxy SIII included a dumbed-down version of Google search, eyebrows were raised, and people started wondering whether or not this had something to do with that very same patent BS (pardon my French).

As it turns out, Sprint has confirmed that yes, “The new software update does disable the universal search function on Galaxy S III” in order to avoid legal action from Apple. Sprint also filed a statement with the US Court of Appeals, stating that “preliminary injunctive relief should not become a staple of the ‘smartphone wars.'” In other words, Sprint is tired of what seems to be a new habit in the making: Apple files lawsuit, competing smartphones get banned, and a judge steps in to allow the sale of the smartphones to continue. In the end, the carriers (and the customers) lose.

And just to be clear that they’re not singling out Apple, Sprint clarified that they would feel the same if the tables were turned, and Samsung (or HTC) had managed to succeed in getting Apple products banned. Simply put, enough is enough – Sprint has enough on its plate to worry about.

It’s good to see Sprint speaking its mind on this matter which, quite frankly, has ruffled almost everyone’s feathers. Hopefully other carriers will speak up, too, as Sprint is definitely not the only one that has sustained damages from all of this. (cough, cough – AT&T – cough!)

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8 thoughts on “Sprint speaks out against patent wars

  • Only way to really stop them would be to cancel contracts with Apple.

    As long as carriers carry these devices and consumers keep buying them, there is no reason for Apple to stop anything.

    Apple has been sacrificing some of its good image lately, not only with this patent war, but mainly with the removal of green certified devices. Yet, since they keep making more money by cutting expenses, they dont care.

    • Don’t also forget that Apple only paid less than 8% of taxes this year. And put most of their money in off shore accounts.

      • Taxes dont bother me so much because just about every big corporation does it. It is no secret and as long as we have heavy lobbying by these industries, they will get away with it.

        Yet, Apple does MANY things that other companies would not do, since it would be highly criticized. Yet, to them it seems that no matter what they do or they say, people just keep buying their products like clockwork. This, although is the dream of every corporation, simply shows how people go for the marketing and not for the smarter decision.

  • Good for Sprint. They’re my provider, and basically said what most Android users have been feeling for a while. Stop this crap! The U.S. Patent Office/Judicial System is also to blame. The Patent Office is patenting things that shouldn’t be patented, and some Courts are enforcing frivolous law suits.

  • Avatar of Bill 399

    It’s about time Sprint got some balls. Now they need to stop selling Apple products. If other’s would do the same thing Apple might have second thoughts. Android phones are better anyway.

  • Avatar of goober999

    There’s no way they will stop selling apple products, too much money to be made. Stop whining, it’s the way big companies work and there is no stopping it

  • and people like goober pre grease for the bend over he gets while some of us have the guts to speak out against it and fight it. Guess some people enjoy being bent over.

  • Well put grind! That put a smile on my face, made my day! LOL!
    I’ve been reading all about this, and I am just APPALLED if I have to pick a word! Apple’s mama needs to spank them and put them in time out for acting like a bunch of immature, spoiled, bully brats! These are supposed to be adults, not to mention the smartest on the planet, and their acting like punks! Should Ford sue Chevy for having power windows? Or Guess sue Levi for pockets on the backs of their jeans? Or Nike sue Vans for having shoelaces? (I don’t know who made what 1st, but u get it) This is ridiculous! Reminds of the schoolyard bully who wants to beat up that girl because she’s prettier! I own both the iPhone and the new SGS3 – had the Vibrant before that, and although they have a similar look with similar features, they are not the same AT ALL, just 2 devices offering consumers variety and companies competition AS IT SHOULD BE! No different than 2 brands of stereos, TVs, washing machines, or anything else. They’re just mad because the SGS 3 definitely kicked the iPhone’s butt in every way! SO WHAT – Stop cryin, get over it, and go make a better device to compete like everyone else does, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! Maybe Nintendo WII should sue them for making the XBOX Kinect, or Sony or whoever made the 1st walkman should sue them for making something you can listen to music on that’s portable that you plug headphones into! Jeez people, COME ON!!!! I’m getting rid of my Apple devices promptly, and I don’t care if Apple makes a device that makes my money, cooks, washes my dishes, and tucks me in at night – I will NEVER buy from them again, just on principle! I refuse to support a bunch bullying spoiled BRATS that are showing my kids the exact behavior that I have always tried to tell them is NEVER OK and will not be tolerated! I still can’t believe anyone is condoning this crap! Unbelievable!


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