T-Mobile and Samsung will release a Galaxy Note soon, and I think it’s a mistake

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Yesterday, T-Mobile announced that it would be releasing the Samsung Galaxy Note on its network in the coming weeks. This Galaxy Note will include a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 processor inside and will be running the recently-released Android 4.0 update when it launches soon.

Of course, this release is coming at a rather late stage in the Galaxy Note’s life. Rumors of the Galaxy Note 2 are starting to appear and they all pinpoint an announcement of that device for next month, with a release in October.

If those rumors turn out to be true, then this late release of the original Galaxy Note by T-Mobile and Samsung just doesn’t make sense to me. Will it be popular with T-Mobile customers this late in the game? The hardware is getting relatively old – especially when the rumored successor is taken into consideration.

Heck, even if those rumors aren’t true, it’s still much too late for this device in my opinion. I understand that it’s a great device – it’s probably the best device to take notes on – but it was released in October 2011. It’s nearing a year old already and I have a feeling that T-Mobile will charge an insanely large amount of money for it just because of the large screen.

Of course, if it was a special edition of the Galaxy Note running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, I might understand why it would be released; unfortunately, T-Mobile’s confirmation of its existence stated that it’s just a Galaxy Note running Google’s previous tasty treat.

Regardless of whether the Note 2 is coming out soon, I still feel like this is a waste of time for both Samsung and T-Mobile. I can’t help but wonder how many customers will actually purchase a seven-month-old 5.3-inch phone. I have a feeling it won’t be many.

If you’re on T-Mobile, would you want to purchase this device?

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One thought on “T-Mobile and Samsung will release a Galaxy Note soon, and I think it’s a mistake

  • Why did it take this long to begin with?


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