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Warning: Don’t sit on your HTC EVO 4G LTE

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Here’s a particularly painful way to start your Monday: one very unfortunate HTC EVO 4G LTE user just discovered the weakest point on his device. Pew446 writes:

What happened? Well, I was in a parade, shooting people with squirt guns from the back of a Scion. I had my phone in the cupholder behind me, and things were uncomfortable, so I leaned back… *CRUNCH*

For the record, no, it does not turn on. All my storage was on the internal, so I lost it all. Google+ uploaded all my pictures though, so that’s nice.


We already showed you what happens to an EVO’s screen after falling three stories, so I guess we can add this to our growing collection of EVO fatalities.

Be careful out there, folks. But now that the phone has been out for more than a month, I’m sure there are even more crazy broken-EVO stories. If you’ve got one of your own, share it below.

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[Android Central forums]
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18 thoughts on “Warning: Don’t sit on your HTC EVO 4G LTE

  • But it still works!

    OK, probably not… :)

  • Man, that’s sad. I routinely find that I’ve left my EVO 3D in my back pocket and sat on it. Never broke it — and I’m a fat ass!!

    Then again, the seats were all soft seats (cushioned chairs, couches, car seats), and never a concrete one.

  • Avatar of Paul E King

    I’ve seen crazy drop tests where the EVO survived fine, and saw stories where it dropped less than 3 feet and shattered.

    So far, no damage in Club EVO in Nashville… except to an OG 4G that the screen broke and still worked for 4 months.

  • I’m honestly surprised that people STILL keep putting their phone in their back pockets. Many even repeated it on their new phone! Seriously.

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      They call it google wallet for a reason ;)

    • This person didn’t have the phone in their pocket: “I had my phone in the cupholder behind me, and things were uncomfortable, so I leaned back… *CRUNCH*”

  • Avatar of EVO Knievel

    Another reason why I use a hard plastic case – Seidio Surface.

    I always liked the kickstand location on the OG EVO – way down closer to the bottom edge of the phone.

  • Avatar of Downsouthballa

    Next time get you a Otterbox Defender Case so that doesnt happen. (WONT FIT IN POCKET) LOL

  • Man, bummer. My wife dropped her brand new GSIIE4GT the day she got it – shattered the screen. FIRST DAY.

  • Avatar of DrizzyGadget

    And it’s still sexy…like a mini hi-tec recliner with no cushion

  • Looks like a weak point in the aluminum where the body ends and it becomes frame only. I can totally see that happening if you put pressure on it there.

  • Avatar of goober999

    Read some of the forums, this this bends very easily. Some people say it bends in their front pocket. If you aren’t going to use a solid case don’t put it in your pocket.

  • Avatar of Awesome Sauce

    WOW. I hope you have insurance on that piece. Still gotta pay the deductible on that one too. Maybe put the phone in the glove box during the next parade??

  • Avatar of jethro_static

    Looks like somebody had a break and thought its a kitkat

  • Dang!!! Maybe it was manufacturer defect and it was unusally weak at that point :) maybe worth sending an email to HTC with photos and see if they would sympathize and replace it for you!

  • Theres a post in the xda website about this issue, I dont have the link is have to search for it, but someone noticed their phone was slightly bent, theirs was from their back pocket too, but others noticed they were finding the same problem, I have never put my phone in my back pocket, there is no room from my wallet and tools at work, but I noticed the same issue.

    Put your phone upside down on a table or flat surface, it should sit flush and not rock back and forth. If it is, well youve got yourself a bunt phone.

    I’ve heard a couple stories of people bringing them back to sprint, but if you gently grab the opposite corners you can bend it back (in not responsible if you break it) I had to do it because now that I knew, it was driving me crazy.

  • And the reason is because the aluminium back and frame is so thin, the back cover is a little more than the width of a piece of paper, and aluminium isn’t strong either so that doesn’t help.

  • good you have a flexible screen now :D seriously I’m sad for you, hope u did an insurance when u bought it!


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