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What did you buy with your free $10 Google Wallet credit on the HTC EVO 4G LTE?

home run inn - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereLast night I actually used Google Wallet on my HTC EVO 4G LTE for the first time: at a local grocery store, I had previously noticed that the checkout lanes had that special PayPass symbol that looks like sideways WiFi bars. So, since I was hungry but didn’t really want to cook anything, I got a frozen pizza (not just any frozen pizza, mind you, but the best freakin’ frozen pizza on the planet: Home Run Inn), went to the self-checkouts, and used NFC to complete my purchase.

The process was very smooth, and I was definitely impressed – not to mention I thought it was really cool that Google had just paid for my dinner, since the phone came preloaded with a $10 gift card.

Now, some people have experienced problems with Google Wallet, so I made sure that my data connection was strong, and that I had already opened the app and entered my PIN. (Google says that it’s not necessary to open the app before you make the purchase, but I thought I’d be better safe than sorry.) Others have also described a feeling of intense embarrassment after waving their phone at the card reader and nothing happening – that’s why I went through the self-checkout.

In any case, you can definitely color me impressed, and I hope that more credit cards become compatible with the service soon. But really, this whole experience made me wonder what other people are buying with their free $10 from Google. So let me know – what did Google buy for you? And are you transitioning into using Google Wallet for as many purchases as possible? Sound off below!

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