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WhosCall app shows who that unknown number is that’s calling

WhosCall - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereWhosCall is a free application that will show you any information about an unknown number calling you you may want to know before answering such as if they’re a known telemarketer, have been reported for harassing collection calls, or are a survey company or candidate calling you during dinner.

WhosCall will pop up when your phone is ringing from someone who’s not in your contact list. It has a non-obtrusive floating window telling you info that’s been reported about that particular number such as whether they’re annoying telemarketers, or a rogue fax machine bent on demon dialing you.

All I have thus far seen of the popup is some 800-notes information saying that the caller kept hanging up, which was my experience as well, so I have not had a lot of incoming calls to test this. It does a pretty decent job of telling you if the number calling you is a business and what that business is.

The international version of the app contains a crowd-sourced number rating system called WhoScore to allow you to subscribe to blocking numbers the crowd has blocked, so if Bob and Jim and a host of other people think a number is bad, your phone can be configured to not even ring when that number calls you. The crowd/cloud logic has not made it to the US version yet but is expected to shortly.

WhosCall can also be configured to intercept and scratch spam text messages.

WhosCall also has a neat little widget where you can go through your calls if you happened to miss a few and see any info abut them, or make notes for either yourself or for other people’s use. The notes for other people also does not work yet in the US version, but should shortly.

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It’s a pretty neat concept, I’ve enjoyed seeing other people’s comments pop up on incoming callers, but I don’t get a lot of calls from unknown numbers so it hasn’t been put through an exhaustive test on my phone.

One thing I do wonder, and I can’t test this out as my old phones are not active, but phones such as the EVO 4G (original) and 3D do not do 3G data and voice at the same time. I do not know if while ringing 3G data is on or off, so this might be useless to older CDMA phones. It is, however, free to try and use so let us know if you find this out.

Download: Google Play

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