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I came across Animoto a couple years ago at my church job. Animoto in a nutshell is a way to make animated slide shows with music. When it comes to taking pictures and making a presentation out of it you have a couple of options.

First, you could use something like PowerPoint to create the slideshow and add music behind it. This is the basic way to do it, and it leaves a lot to be desired – things like better transitions and moving backgrounds would be nice.

The next way to do it would be to use a video creating program like Adobe Premiere Pro. This is a very time consuming method, but you can achieve a quality unlike anything PowerPoint can create.

Then there are programs like Animoto.

Animoto takes care of all the difficult parts of making a video out of pictures. You start by picking the background theme for your video, and then you select the music. Then, you add your pictures and any text you want. Click the create button, and in a few minutes Animoto will have created a very well-made video with sweet transitions and animations based on the theme you chose at the beginning. If you don’t like the final product, just jump back into your project and edit any part of it you want. Want to change the music or theme? A couple clicks is all it takes. With Animoto doing all the hard work, you can have a professional looking video in a matter of minutes that would take someone hours to do in an editing program.

Now you can create and share Animoto videos directly from your Android device. Choose one of a few themes, choose your music, and choose the photos you want from your gallery, and minutes later you can have a video ready to share. Animoto has a basic, free level and also a Pro level subscription. The free level limits you to 12 images and 30 second videos. The Pro level costs $2.50 a month with a one year subscription and removes both of those limits. I haven’t had a chance to check the app out myself, but since I already have a Pro subscription, I might have to make up a few videos to try it out. If you use the app to make some videos, I would love to see them – just add a link in the comments below.


Animoto - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Download: Play Store

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