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BAMF Paradigm v1.2 brings functional Jelly Bean to the HTC EVO 4G [Updated]

Update: I was contacted by a person claiming to be legal council for Team BAMF that requested the following be noted:

Dear Mr. King:

I do hope that this letter finds you well.   I go by the handle of (name withheld by request), as it is necessary for me to separate my working life from my Android life.  I am a member of Team BAMF as well as their legal counsel.  Recently we became aware of an article written by you reviewing BAMF Paradigm, one of our premier ROMs, on the HTC Evo.  However we have never designed or created ROMs to be run on an HTC Evo and learned that this purported version of our work was wrongfully, without attribution, created by a Team D.I.R.T.  While we did design BAMF Paradigm with the intention of it being ported to other devices, this requires our permission and proper attribution to our work.  All of the “neat features in the BAMF settings, such as built-in ad blocking, CPU clocking,  granular auto-brightness adjustment, and many options for the soft keys;” are a result of our numerous hours of hard work and creation.  Team D.I.R.T has appropriated our work and are currently passing it off as their own.  The numerous issues you have mentioned with the ROM are caused because the ROM was built for the Galaxy Nexus and not the Evo.  Specifically your confusion over why the changelog lists a version 2.2 when it is version 1.1 is due to the fact that the changelog was copy and pasted directly from our website with very few (if any) changes.

We respectfully request that you put a disclaimer in the beginning of your article explaining that Team D.I.R.T released this ROM without attribution or permission from the creators of BAMF Paradigm and the BAMF Settings Team BAMF and that any and all issues noted in the article are caused by the porting of Team BAMF’s work over to the Evo.

We understand that the error of attribution is not of your doing and appreciate your assistance in rectifying the situation.  If you have any further questions please free to contact me or please visit our website


(name withheld by request)

Update #2:

Dear Mr. King:
Just wanted to give you an update. The issues have been ironed out. Team DIRT has created an unofficial port of Team BAMF’s BAMF Paradigm to the Evo 4G. We wish them the best with getting the vendor files to work and other issues with the port fixed so that HTC Evo users can enjoy all of the benefits of BAMF Paradigm brought to them by Team DIRT. Please feel free to update your article with that information as well.

Original article follows:

2012 08 21 08.54.10 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereTeam D.I.R.T’s BAMF Paradigm is an Android Jelly Bean ROM for the original HTC EVO 4G that’s close to the front of the pack for fully utilizing the phone’s hardware. However, is not quite the bug-free experience I’ve come to expect from D.I.R.T. productions.

First off, it’s got a working rear-facing camera, which has been a pretty big hurdle in EVO 4G development. While it only appears to go up to 3MP at the moment, that’s probably a temporary thing, as there are rumors of an 8MP fix floating around if they’re using Preludedrew’s camera code.

It lists DRM/Hulu as working, although I was not able to get that to function, and Hulu said DRM was specifically not working.

The ROM itself has some neat features in the BAMF settings, such as built-in ad blocking, CPU clocking,  granular auto-brightness adjustment, and many options for the soft keys; however, there’s no need on the EVO 4G to have soft keys unless something is broken with your digitizer. They list that you can turn the softkeys off, but there doesn’t seem to be an option in the three pages of visual settings it offers.

One of the somewhat confusing things about this ROM is that its version is 1.2. The changelog lists it as BAMF 1.1 and claims that it’s updated to BAMF v2.2. I question the versioning and the changelog. I downloaded the August 18 version (with a build.prop in the archive dated 8/18), which is the only one available.

2012 08 21 08.52.54 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
Camera works. It always uses flash so you can’t take pictures of chrome things

From the official buglist, we have no 4G/WiMAX, USB mount storage doesn’t work (although ADB does, so no biggie), no front facing camera, no MMS for Sprint users, no flashlight, and stereo bluetooth doesn’t work.

It might seem I’m being overly negative about this ROM, but I’m not. It’s new and shiny and pretty amazing where it’s at and how it performs running an operating system that’s two versions and a year newer than the last officially supported one.

I’m assuming we’ll see bug fixes and fairly large leaps in performance and functionality in this ROM shortly, or someone will tell me I somehow installed the wrong thing. We’ll see.

Considering that Jelly Bean looked to be a pipe dream, as we never had a fully-functioning Ice Cream Sandwich-based ROM on the original EVO 4G, this makes me very happy about the future of the EVO 4G.

I don’t think it’s a ROM I could use daily yet, but it’s close. I’ll be keeping an eye on this, and if you’re on an EVO 4G you should too.

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