Black Galaxy S III might be coming out soon

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The Galaxy S III is impressive in many ways, but I’ve never quite been able to get over the choice of available colors: blue and white. Releasing a product without making it available in black is rare enough in itself, but when it’s a device with an AMOLED screen, it’s outright idiotic. AMOLED screens are capable of displaying (by not displaying anything) deep blacks, that makes it next to impossible to tell black parts of the screen from the front of the device. It’s a neat effect, and I actually have custom Tasker setups on my older Galaxy S II that are based on this “phenomenon.” As such, the thought of a blue or white device wasn’t tempting to me, for more reasons than simply preferring black in general.

I’m not alone in this, and it seems that Samsung has gotten the hint. It started with a black Galaxy S III being shown spotted in a promotional picture for the Olympics on Samsung’s Facebook page, and then spread as some UK retailers started listing the phone online. It’s technically not confirmed yet, at least if you don’t treat the photo of the thing on Samsung’s Facebook page as confirmation. So far it’s only been spotted in the UK, so whether or not this makes it stateside (or even to the rest of Europe) is unknown.

All I can say is that this is the first time I’ve actually wanted an S III without any reservations. I still don’t plan on buying one, simply because I don’t care that much about minor hardware upgrades, but up until now I haven’t been sure that I would have taken one for free had I been offered one. Caring that much about the color is a tad ridiculous, but I’m sorry Samsung, releasing an AMOLED device that isn’t available in black is just so stupid. You might as well create a pink ghillie suit.

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2 thoughts on “Black Galaxy S III might be coming out soon

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    Exactly same feeling here…

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    I agree with Djonatan


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