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Could HTC be working on a 5-inch phablet?

htc logo small - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereIf you thought the 4.7-inch screen that graces the HTC One X and the EVO 4G LTE was big, get a load of this: according to those mysterious “industry sources,” HTC is planning on releasing a phone/tablet hybrid with a 5-inch display and a resolution of 1794×1080 pixels in the September-October timeframe.

Samsung, of course, has dominated the phablet market so far with its 5.3-inch Galaxy Note, and a slightly larger 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II is expected to be released later this month. LG and Pantech have both released similarly-sized devices, so it’s certainly about time that HTC release such a device, as well.

The question remains, however: is this too little, too late? Is a 5-inch phablet big enough, or should HTC consider upping the screen size to 5.5-inches? How big is too big? How small is too small for a phablet? And, perhaps most importantly, will HTC get over itself and just bundle the HTC Scribe stylus with the device, rather than charging an outrageous $70 extra, like it tried to do with the EVO View 4G?

Personally, I think my EVO 4G LTE is the perfect size, and I’m not sure I’d necessarily want to carry around something as big as the Galaxy Note everywhere I go. On the other hand, when considering what the next EVO might look like, I think it’s very probable that HTC will go with a larger screen. Sprint and HTC already tried 3D technology, and they decided to scrap that for the foreseeable future. So, other than more memory and faster processors, it seems that screen size is one of the last areas that HTC can continue to improve.

But what do you think? Would you be interested in an even bigger EVO or One X, or are these phones big enough already?

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11 thoughts on “Could HTC be working on a 5-inch phablet?

  • there is such a thing as too big (when it comes to phone hardware). the evo is sufficient in many apps to get it done … the evo lte is actually a tad too much to reach with one handed operation (which should be a design case) and i actually have large hands. obviously screen proportions can be tweaked to deal with some of this, but for a portable phone, i think those represent a reasonable limit.

    as far as your phablet, i’m sure there’s another sweet spot, as the user is looking for a more multi-media experience.

    I’d like to see the evo-style unit utilize more and more powerful processors, up-to-date OS, and a larger (removable) battery … and throw in a stylus

  • Avatar of brandon parker

    I would like to see a bigger phone the EVO is nice but if I get rid of computer and tablet I need a bigger screen for viewing web pages.

  • I’ve been holding out in upgrading (the evo lte just didn’t WOW me like the original), hoping that sprint would get the galaxy note 2. I would prefer to stay with htc, but they would to come harder than this!! imo, if they’re going to a “phablet”, they might as well try to change the game…like they did with the og evo. STEP UP htc!!

  • For the first time ever I’m considering an iphone, just because the device gets better without getting bigger. Long time EVO4g user, & that screen is as big as I’m willing to go. I mean damn, it almost doesn’t fit my pocket now. Considered the S3 & EVO lte, but the pocket test said no way; too big. So for now I’ll stay EVO og, hoping the idiots that want tablets but one & stop the phones from getting bigger.

    • so that I’m understanding how things work in your world…if someone wants or likes something different than you, they’re idiots…. hmmm, I got it, I’m an idiot!! lol. I wonder, though, what’s a good name for someone “considering” an iphone?!?! (just messing with ya, homie)

      • Iphone software “os” can be flashed. Until lately, they’ve had the best hardware. I’m not an ifan for software by far. It’s just sickening how people want & expect a single device to do all be all. I realize one size doesn’t fit all, but where now are the high end phones without monitors for screens?

  • Well I’m an original EVO OG user (Still using it today). I personally like the size of it. I agree with BLT above. It is a phone, and to me there is a limit. While I have not yet had hands on the Evo 4GLTE, not sure I want a bigger screen that what I currently have (for a phone). I have a 7″ tablet already and have no desire to combine a phone and tablet into one device. Just improve the hardware so that we can get the best phone utilization possible (battery life, speed, memory, etc.) And of course have a removable/replaceable battery.

  • I think the LTEvo is as big as I’d like to see a screen go, the very top left corner is a stretch, but I still think that this is the perfect screen size.

  • I would love to have one throw in wamax radio and LTE radio and Sprint unlimited and I can use that on the go waiting for Sprint to either Samsung note 1,2 or Htc 5.5 ….phablet im down baby

  • Avatar of JRDemaskus

    Still waiting to replace my Dell Streak 5″
    Samsung Note 2, maybe I would even go back to HTC.
    But I need a removeable memory card.
    Shame on HTC for the One X, no memory card!
    There are so many devices available, don’t pick on me for my large screen and I won’t put you down for your little thingy.


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