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HTC EVO 4G LTE is only a penny from Amazon

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You now officially have no excuse not to get an HTC EVO 4G LTE if you’ve been on the fence about it. That’s because Sprint’s flagship phone is now only one penny from Amazon Wireless for new Sprint customers who sign up for a new two year contract. That’s the cheapest we’ve seen this phone fall, and there’s no telling how long this will last. So, in other words, buy now, and think about it later. (You always have a two week return window, in case you change your mind.)

If you’re currently a Sprint subscriber and you want to add a line, the price jumps a bit to $129.99, but that’s still a lot better than Sprint’s own asking price of $200. Existing customers who are eligible for an upgrade can get the device for $149.99.

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S III is a very capable phone, too – and it’s the EVO’s main competitor. But it also comes with its fair share of issues, and the starting price of $99.99 at Amazon makes the EVO a steal in comparison. So are you going to take advantage of this deal?

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8 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G LTE is only a penny from Amazon

  • come on no white versions??

  • Avatar of Darth Obama

    “You now officially have no excuse not to get an HTC EVO 4G LTE if you’ve been on the fence about it.”

    Huh? How about sprints BS …dinosaur…unusable…unreliable…cant even get a decent 3G much less LTE signal even though I live in a LTE launch city that is also the 4th biggest city in the nation network…?

  • Avatar of Darth Obama

    Sorry I’m a little bitter…

    Sunshine… rainbows… kittens…

    Now I’m even on the karma scale

  • Avatar of big bill

    …what gets me is the lack of customer retention that Sprint has/ doesn’t have when it comes to these aswome promos like the one here on Amazon. I’m up for renewal and it would cost me $200 for a new phone with a 2 year extension. Howerver, if I am a new customer I can get a new phone for $.01…whats the freakin difference? Anyone know?

  • Wow, the EVO LTE must be doing horrible in sales to go down to a penny two months after release.

    • Avatar of Stevejobsdied

      You really don’t know how this works do you? the Galaxy did this as well.

  • Avatar of Mark Richards

    Sprint turned me away (or off) with an offer to pay 199 for the Evo LTE.


    I’ve been a customer for over 10 years, and could do better if I cancelled and signed up again.

    Instead, I’ll save my pennies and buy the LTE phone at cost.

  • I bought the 32gb S3 after my evo pre order was delayed. I figured I would just wait for the S3 since it had a removable battery and 1gb more ram. I am very happy with it and it grabs a 4g signal and hangs on here in atlanta but from what i’ve witnessed the wimax footprint is currently much bigger than the LTE one right now but they are way faster than wimax when you do get them. Hope they get more sites up and i’ll be happy. My coworker has the 4G LTE and she claims that she has never saw it in 4G mode.


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