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HTC releases source to HTC EVO 3D Ice Cream Sandwich kernel

roottools2 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereTo maintain GPL compliance, HTCDev has finally released the source code for the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich kernel for the HTC EVO 3D. The release comes 29 days after the official Sprint OTA on July 31st which included new firmware, firmware that didn’t play nice with custom kernels.

While it’s great they didn’t take 42 days to release the kernel source like they did with the HTC EVO 4G LTE, kernel developers have had to make do with modifying older kernels to work with the new firmware, or hacking the GSM kernel and adding CDMA code in one instance to create a workable kernel for the 3D.

The files in the kernel download archive report the newest date as today, and most directories inside are listed as being created on Monday. However, the code was completed and done before they shipped it to Sprint which tested it for weeks, so they’ve been sitting on this for quite a while.

Kernel source allows developers to produce custom kernels that can be configured for more stability, speed, battery life, or to correct the errors that can take HTC/Sprint months to track down and fix with an update.

Postponing source releases also delays AOSP development on new platforms. In this case, I don’t think we ever got a fully functional AOSP Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the HTC EVO 3D before Jelly Bean came out and most developers started going in that direction.

Most of the kernel code is not HTC’s. The company is taking code and modifying it to work with their hardware, and as such is entering into a contract with the people whose code it’s using to return it to the public after it has made its hardware drivers so that other developers can have a crack at it and continue to make the software great.

In other words: it asked for permission to borrow the car, said it would be back shortly, and came back two months later with bumper stickers professing the love of [insert hated political party or figure here].

But – it’s out and hopefully will speed the EVO 3D on to some AOSP goodness of the Jelly Bean variety.

Thanks, newtoroot!

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12 thoughts on “HTC releases source to HTC EVO 3D Ice Cream Sandwich kernel

  • Avatar of 6Leinad6

    It’s good to see manufactures (or at least HTC) starting to realize that releasing kernels is something that needs to be done as quick as possible.

    • Avatar of Simon Belmont

      Yeah. Too bad with how long it took Sprint to deliver ICS for the EVO 3D, that kernel source took a really long time to be dropped.

      The upside is that Jelly Bean and probably future iterations of Android should work well with the ICS kernel. There very few differences between the 3.0.x and 3.1.x Linux kernel.

  • Avatar of Abraham

    Awesome. I hope they stick with the 1 month release of source codes.Yes, I guess it could be faster, but who care! Much more than most companies!
    My girlfriend has the EVO LTE, so she is still getting great ROM support. I have my EVO 3D running MeanROM, and hopefully with this, we can have better ROM’s and kernels!
    Great news for what seemed to be, dying EVO 3D.

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      As for who cares, anyone who has wanted AOSP ICS or JB on the EVO 3D cares. That’s a lot of us root folk :)

      They released to Ice Cream Sandwich kernel source a month and a half after Jelly Bean is out, meaning that only now can development really begin at the driver level.

      For a little bit more perspective – ICS was announced 10 month ago now? The ICS kernel was ready for the HTC EVO V 4G (the 3d on virgin mobile) which is the same phone back at the begining of May.

      Had they released even a non-official development kernel we would be running flawless AOSP/ICS/Jelly Bean ROMs now. That’s why we care.

      • Avatar of Abraham

        Yeah. I have been wanting to have an AOSP rom for awhile. But I like my phone to work 100%, Which was impossible to have without the source code.
        I am happy this was released.

        • Avatar of Simon Belmont

          It’s not impossible. But it is a pain in a posterior.

          Of course having the kernel source code is preferable. Hopefully, this will open up the floodgates on official CM10 and maybe some offshoot CM9 based ROMs with full functionality intact.

      • Avatar of Simon Belmont

        This. Well said, Paul.

        I care deeply about having an AOSP ROM. Now that CM9 development is pretty much halted, CM10 is in the foreground. Hopefully, we will see some full functional official CM10 love soon. My EVO 3D just did a happy dance.

  • This is good news but, man, it took a while! Seems like the more clever kernel devs figured out most of this stuff from the GSM source anyway. The main thing that I think’s been missing from ICS AOSP is 3D, which I don’t know if this will help with that any.

    Either way, I’m hoping for a new flurry of development for the 3D in the coming weeks! And hopefully this also helps us get some new Jelly Bean goodness! :-)

  • Avatar of Simon Belmont

    Wow! Finally. Boy that took ages. Jeez, the Virgin Mobile “EVO 3D” has been out since late May, and we’re only NOW getting the kernel source at the precipice of September.

    At least this will FINALLY open up development of official CM10 (CM9 development is pretty much done now) for the EVO 3D. I am excited!

    I just want CM10 or Unicorn Porn AOKP JB with the 4G I’m paying for and the 3D raison d’etre… is that so much to ask for? Apparently. Unfortunately this course of dealing with HTC has left ism in my mouth… may be making the switch to Samsung! Love those guys. Note 2 FTW (just wish they would add 3D!!!)

  • Paul, I have a rooted EVO 3d and want the closest thing to the stock HTC ICS release w/ Sense that Sprint released around August 1st. Obviously I can’t take the OTA update because I would lose root. So which ROM do you recommend? Thanks.

  • Avatar of tony gross

    Great article, very well written.


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