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HTC will no longer include Beats Audio in upcoming devices [Update: Yes, it will]

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We already reported yesterday that HTC might be considering some big price cuts on current and future devices in order to position itself a bit more competitively against the likes of Samsung. We’ve also reported several months ago that HTC decided to stop bundling Beats headsets with its phones, and later that HTC even went so far as to sell back half of its stake in Beats Audio.

Now, we’re hearing that even though HTC previously assured us that it still finds the Beats brand valuable, it is now planning to stop using Beats Audio technology in most future handsets.

Obviously, Beats Audio seems to have been an investment that just isn’t quite working out the way that HTC had hoped. Personally, I do find that it makes a small difference in my HTC EVO 4G LTE, but it’s not really that noticeable. And while I’ve heard lots of complaints that Beats is just a cheap gimmick, many of your own comments tell a more nuanced story.

In any case, it seems more and more likely that the next EVO, or the next One Series phone, won’t have Beats on board. Will you miss it?

[My Drivers via Unwired View]

Updated: HTC released a statement to Android Central refuting any rumors that Beats Audio won’t be integrated into future devices. Here’s their full statement: “HTC remains strongly committed to Beats Audio and including their innovation in our devices. Any rumor of HTC no longer integrating Beats Audio into our devices is categorically false.”

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