Kickstarter spotlight: HumanToolz Stand

iPad stands come in all shapes and sizes, as standalone products or as features in cases. The HumanToolz Stand Can perhaps best be described as the stand part of a case, without the actual case. It’s essentially a frame that is designed to fit the back of an iPad while taking up as little space as possible, and you can extend part of it in order to stand the iPad up at practically any angle. The entire thing is made of aluminum, and the hinge is allegedly the same that is being used in the MacBook Air.

With prices starting at $65 (and an MSRP of $90) this definitely isn’t the cheapest solution out there, but anything made of aluminum tends to come at a cost. It definitely has a Apple-esque feel to it, and if Apple ever decided to integrate a stand directly into the iPad, I have a feeling it would be rather similar to this. When left having to add one after the fact though, I think this stand is about the smallest package you can get a stand in while still having this much flexibility. The fact that it’s designed to work with the existing iPad 3 design and smart cover, rather than trying to hide it/replace it, also makes it attractive to many.

The project is looking for a total of $80,000 to get the stand into production. If it reaches that goal in the 39 days that are left, the stand will hopefully get into backers’ hands in October. As much as I tend to favor $5 alternatives for things like tablet stands, I have to admit that this one has me very tempted.

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