Kickstarter spotlight: PodKit Watch

iPod Nano watch kits are nothing new…but how about a pocket watch kit? The PodKit Watch is just that, a case for the iPod Nano that is designed to look like – and work like – a pocket watch. It features a flip-open front cover, main case, and a chain attachment ring on the top. It’s made of aluminum, and there are two basic decor patterns available, each with several color options.

Updated: Also available is the ClipClok. While borrowing both the concept and naming scheme a bit from the LunaTik series‘ AnTik watch, it has several advantages over it. The ClipClok/PodKit project creator has more info on this in a comment below. 

I quite like the PodKit concept. All I keep thinking when I see it is what my grandfather would have said if he had been given such a “watch.” Pocket watches aren’t that common these days, but it actually makes sense as a basis for an MP3 player case. It makes more sense to have a Nano clipped to your pants when you’re actually using it for music, and it looks good sitting there.

Prices start at $69 for the PodKit, and that includes two chains (chain type varies depending on case design). The project has 24 more days to reach the last $60,000 of the $65,000 funding goal, so it desperately needs backers to succeed.

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