LG Optimus G specs leak, seem suitable for a Nexus

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Earlier today, we reported that along with other manufacturers, LG may be making one of the next Google Nexus branded devices. Given LG’s history with building premium Android smartphones, that may not have instilled a lot of confidence in some people. However, more information about LG’s upcoming device has surfaced, which may serve to changes that sentiment.

According to a Korean news source, a new high-end LG device is currently in the works called the Optimus G. The smartphone will apparently come with a quad-core processor, 13MP camera, 2GB of RAM, and a 4.7-inch IPS HD display. Connectivity will supposedly include LTE with Voice over LTE compatibility, which could make it one of the first VoLTE devices if released in the US. On the software side, the device is said to come with Android 4.0, in addition LG’s custom UI.

There weren’t any images leaked of the device, but the source said that it would look similar to the current L Series from LG, one of which you can see pictured above. Of course, not having an image makes this leak more suspect than most, as it is easy enough to string together a plausible list of specs that are an incremental improvement over current smartphones and say that they belong to a next-gen device.

Still, I want to believe that this leak is real simply because this device actually sounds quite good, even coming from LG. While their industrial design has often come into question, they have released quite a few phones with impressive specs, including the first US dual-core device. This specific device may not actually end up being a Nexus or even being real at all, but I hope to see devices like it simply because the specification list reads like one from a high-end Android smartphone should.

[Pocket Droid via Android and Me]
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2 thoughts on “LG Optimus G specs leak, seem suitable for a Nexus

  • Avatar of Tony Gross

    I like that 2GB of Ram and the addition of LTE

  • If this could be the next nexus then why is it running ICS? You would think it would be running the latest android version.


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