Little Printer now available for preorder, gives you a device-connected mini printer in your home

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Paper is still very much a part of everyday life, even if paper haters like me don’t like it. So, whereas my concern is scanning paper to get it in digital form, other people instead want to turn digital content into paper. The Little Printer is designed for those people, and it’s now available for preorder. 

The Little Printer is a small thermal printer that prints on a roll of paper without the use of ink, similar to receipt printers. It comes with a bridge device for your router which then connects to the actual printer, allowing you to place it somewhere else within range. This isn’t a battery powered device, and isn’t even capable of making an internet connection without the bridge, so in most cases this is going to be something you keep at home or in the office, permanently. You then control what gets printed via a cloud service from your phone, be it an iPhone, Android phone, or Windows phone. You can then use it to print todo lists, puzzles, notes, social feeds, and so on.

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It’s an interesting concept, but I have to wonder if it’s ready for prime time. Priced at a whopping $259, I was frankly expecting a portable printer, not a tiny box that is confined to your home. Seems like you might as well just get a real printer and set it up to work with your mobile device, which might not have the uniqueness of the Little Printer, but also wouldn’t cost $259. Still, the simple nature of its prints might just be what makes it worth using – if you still use paper, that is.

[Little Printer via Gadgetlite]
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