My preferred PDF reader: GoodReader (iOS)

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When you scan books and documents to have them digitally, you need a good app for reading them. That app for me is GoodReader, an app that has been with me for a while. I actually reviewed it last year, and that review is still very much valid, so I’ll just quickly recap why I like this app so much.

GoodReader has a few core features that make me love it. Speed is one of them, and GoodReader can keep multiple large PDF files open (it supports tabs) without blinking. Flipping pages is always fast, and any other apps (especially on Android) just feel sluggish in comparison. I can quickly switch between documents and jump to different points within a document with GoodReader, and that’s very important when dealing with multiple large PDF files.

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Another major advantage is the various note features. It lacks a proper handwritten annotation feature, but it’s great at text based annotations. You can add bookmarks, highlight text (if the document contains text and not just images of text), add notes, and use automatically-created lists of annotations when you’re done. It even gives you the option to put all notes at the end of a document when exporting, allowing you to see any notes added to a document even on a printed copy.

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Like I said, the review from last year covers the app in more detail. I wanted to feature the app again though as I use it a lot these days – and it continues to be awesome. I use ezPDF as an alternative on Android, but frankly it’s only an alternative in the way that a model rocket is an alternative to a space shuttle.

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Download: iTunes

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