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Never pay for iOS apps again with FreeMyApps

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I believe that apps are what make a platform great. iOS and Android have fantastic app ecosystems – so in my opinion, they’re both exceptional platforms to use. There is no shortage of things to do on either operating system simply because there is an app for virtually any task there is.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of apps that require money – something that there always seems to be a shortage of. While there are a lot of apps under $3, over time, multiple purchases of cheap apps can add up to a big sum of money. Luckily for every person on the planet, some companies are making it easier – and cheaper – to buy apps. Once such company is Fiksu.

Fiksu is the company behind FreeMyApps, a website that allows you to download free sponsor apps for credits. Essentially, you’re giving your time to download and use the sponsored application in return for credits that you can apply towards gift cards to iTunes and Amazon, among other services.

It works like this: you visit the FreeMyApps site on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch; install a secure device profile; download a sponsor app; use it for 30 seconds; and then return to the site. At that point, you receive however many credits you were promised. It’s that simple – and incredibly fun. Once you accrue enough credits, you can trade them in for gift cards to iTunes, Amazon, and now Postagram.

I’ve already received $10 worth of iTunes credit, which I used to purchase The Dark Knight Rises game for my iPad. If you’re worried about this being a scam, don’t be: the profile that you install onto your device simply monitors how long your usage of the sponsor app is. It doesn’t share any personal data at all, as explained in the site’s FAQs. The site just uses your device ID to “confirm that you downloaded and tried [the site’s] sponsor apps. [The site doesn’t] share this information with any third parties.”

Like I already said, I have been credited with $10 to use on iTunes already, and nothing negative has come out of my experience. The way I see it is this: I’m downloading free apps to, at a later date, download more free apps that would have cost me money earlier.

Unfortunately, it’s iOS-only at this point. Fiksu hasn’t even stated whether the service will be coming to any other platforms in the future, either. But if you own an iDevice, this is the perfect way to get some paid apps – or items from Amazon – without breaking the bank.

If you want to try it out for yourself, the website is linked below. And while you can share the site, link it to your account, and gain credits that way, I just thought I’d point out that the link below is not one of those links. It’s just a link to the service and nothing more. I have nothing to gain from sharing this link besides helping our wonderful readers get some great stuff for free.

Let us know if you start using FreeMyApps!

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