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ProClip releases vehicle mount for HTC EVO 4G LTE

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If you’ve been looking for an alternative to the official HTC EVO 4G LTE car dock, then you probably already know that not a lot of alternatives exist. However, the popular vehicle mount manufacturer ProClip finally released their holders for the latest EVO, with four different options to choose from: the holder with tilt swivel ($34.99), the charging holder with tilt swivel and straight power cord for fixed installation ($79.99), the charging holder with tilt swivel and cigarette lighter adapter ($59.99), and the adjustable holder with tilt swivel ($39.99).

For those who aren’t familiar with ProClip, the system includes two parts: the holder for the device and a vehicle-specific mount. Vehicle mounts are sold separately, but users swear by the ProClip system and don’t seem to mind the extra cost. Indeed, ProClip has quite a following, and Pocketables reader Sean recently told us: “Finally! I ordered 3, one for each car and one for the bike so I can watch my GPS map in transit. Everyone needs to know!”

You can view all the options for the EVO 4G LTE at the link below, and if you decide to get one, be sure to let us know how you like it!

[ProClip] Thanks, Sean!

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5 thoughts on “ProClip releases vehicle mount for HTC EVO 4G LTE

  • Avatar of Eric Bonney

    If anyone has this mount and the Platinum Series case from Best Buy, can you tell me if they play nicely together? My guess is no but I am still hoping to find a car mount that will work with “any” case.

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      Go to a farmer’s market / flea market. They have universal ones at cell phone case stands usually.

      I’ve yet to run across a cell phone stand without an adjustable universal mount yet.

  • Thanks for the tip… Frankly their holders are rather overpriced and they don’t have any that fits the phone with a case (except a universal one that looks pretty janky), that’s something that the Sprint one does a great job of (with those spacers it comes with, they work perfectly)… HOWEVER, the custom vehicle mounts are something I hadn’t seen before. They’re still overpriced ($30 for a bent piece of metal) but they actually seem pretty clever if you don’t wanna fabricate something yourself… They basically wedge into the seams of your dash and in some cases clip unto the top edge of your air vent, seems way more secure than typical air vent clips or even windshield suction mounts. I actually just ordered a vehicle mount without holder to (ironically) useit with the Sprint mount, I’m just gonna slap the plastic wheel piece on it and them put the suction cup mount on it… This will allow me to leave it on even when I put a sun shade/block on the windshield. I never used the adhesive plastic wheel on my dash because I didn’t wanna glue something semi permanently to it, specially when most of it is either vinyl and/or very uneven.

  • Avatar of Tony Gross

    Pretty sure you can find it on ebay cheaper

  • Avatar of Cubsrule

    I want one but not for $80. geez


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