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ROM Picks: Paranoid Android Experience v0.9.0 for the CDMA HTC EVO 3D

2012 08 13 08.53.55 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereWe’ve written a bit about Paranoid Android ROMs in the past for other devices, but to refresh your memory, they are CyanogenMod/AOSP-based ROMs that combine both tablet and phone-based aspects and add a unique hybrid mode which allows you to experience the best of both. Paranoid Android Experience v0.9.0 is an HTC EVO 3D version of the Paranoid Android ROM that utilizes a mostly-working CyanogenMod 9 base.

The CM9 base that’s being used is Devil Toast, the nearly complete CM9 build for the EVO 3D which featured working camera, front facing camera, 4G/WiMAX, and most everything else except 3D. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any way in PAE to switch the 4G/WiMAX on, so it seems it may be down a feature or I may just be missing it.

PAE runs extremely fast, afact that’s not evident from the Quadrant scores. Those scores are not the end-all of whether a ROM flies or not, but generally are a good indicator. This ROM scores in the low 2000’s, or roughly half a regular score for the phone; however, it boots in no time and applications just open when you press them. Basically it’s a pretty speedy ROM with a pretty low score.

The ROM is very well built and feels pretty solid. Unfortunately, it also feels kind of barren to me, which is what I think it’s intended to be. Still, it would be neat to see a Paranoid Android ROM shipped utilizing all the nifty features and less stock-looking. Then again, perhaps that’s what the “Experience” part of the name represents. I’m probably being overly picky after a weekend of looking at stock CM9 and 10 ROMs.

After running this on my EVO 3D for the past couple of days, I’ve had a few problems with it. the OTA updater that’s packaged with it keeps informing me it died, and occasionally I’ll have to reboot to get WiFi to work properly. The total number of bugs experienced in three days was about four – so not horrible, but not rock solid.

As with every Paranoid Android install I’ve played with, one of the wickedly cool features is the ability to change DPI (screen resolution) on the fly or by application. If you have a tablet application that looks terrible in phone resolution, you can up the DPI to utilize the EVO 3D’s capabilities and make it a mini-tablet.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed by the ROM, even if I’m a bit annoyed by the bugs. My bet is these will be stomped out soon enough, and honestly they are relatively minor. It’s a really nice looking piece of work and I’ll be giving it another try the next few versions, I’m sure.

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