Samsung adds four new Galaxy S III colors

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Samsung was “inspired by nature” when creating the Galaxy S III, so it’s only fitting that the company would also take inspiration from “the Earth’s richest materials” to create four new colors for its flagship device.

The new colors, as you can see above, are as follows: Amber Brown, Garnet Red (which you may remember from AT&T’s model), Sapphire Black and Titanium Grey – all inspired by the materials that are in the name. This brings the total number of available Galaxy S III colors to six, although “availability of [colors] will vary depending on the country and carrier/retailer.”

Minhyouk Lee, Samsung’s VP and lead designer of the Galaxy S III, explained the decision to triple the number of available colors:

“Every inch of the Samsung Galaxy S III has been created to reflect the natural elements that inspired its ergonomic design, from the softly shaped curvature to the minimized bezel. By expanding the [color] range of the Galaxy S III we are continuing to evolve the Minimal Organic design theme of the handset. The [color] options we have added evoke the phone’s emotional and natural aspects in a very simple but effective way.”

The new colors are a much-needed improvement. We’ve talked before about how the only choices of blue or white weren’t for everyone – and now, that problem doesn’t exist anymore.

If you were in the market for a new Galaxy S III, which color would you pick?

[Samsung Tomorrow]
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4 thoughts on “Samsung adds four new Galaxy S III colors

  • I want black! Hopefully it will be released to sprint, as it doesn’t yet say what carriers will get what colors…

  • Avatar of Anony Mouse

    I would have gone with the black but I have the blue which is okay. It is nicer than the white. With my black protective cover, color doesn’t matter anyway.

  • Avatar of Stormprobe

    Not only do I love how Samsung had TWO colors at launch, when other companies normally only have one, but they added four more! Six is allot of colors. Samsung really knows what they’re doing. No wonder they’re number one.

    I am a happy HTC EVO 4G LTE owner, but my next phone will probably be a Galaxy S IV.

  • Avatar of Jason Lawrence



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