Samsung unveils Galaxy Note II

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With the original Galaxy Note out of the way, Samsung has finally unveiled the second iteration of its largest flagship phone: the Galaxy Note II.

At first glance, the new Note looks incredibly similar to Samsung’s other flagship, the Galaxy S III. The overall body design of the Note is indeed quite similar, with both the top and bottom coming together to make the Note II look like a nearly-exact replica of the S III – just a bit bigger due to its 5.5-inch screen. In keeping with Galaxy S III tradition, Samsung has also given the device two color choices (as of right now), both of which are “inspired by nature:” Mountain White and Titanium Gray.

Let’s talk about specs now. That 5.5-inch screen is of the Super AMOLED variety, meaning that it still uses the “subpar” PenTile subpixel arrangement. Personally, I think PenTile screens look just fine, but I do know that this one will be a disappointment. Whereas the original Note had a 5.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800, this new Note’s screen will have a slightly lower resolution of 1280 x 720 – and an extra .2-inches of screen real estate. Naturally, then, the new panel will look a little less clear than the previous one, but it shouldn’t be a dealbreaker.

Luckily, the screen seems to be the only true disappointment, aside from your personal feelings towards TouchWiz. Regardless, the software does seem to be fairly decent: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is installed, alongside a number of Samsung-specific apps and features to help utilize the new and redesigned S Pen stylus. One of those features is called Air View, which lets you hover the S Pen above your display and let the Note II show you previews of whatever it is you’re pointing at with the stylus. Other apps include: Screen Recorder, Pop-up Play (the window overlay for playing videos), and Photo Note – so you can write fun things on the back of your photos.

The Galaxy Note II is powered by a powerful 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 3100mAh battery. As for storage, Samsung will sell the device with three different storage capacities: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.

The Galaxy Note II – in (presumably) CDMA/GSM varieties, as well as a planned LTE version – will launch sometime in Q4 of this year. Who’s excited?

[The Verge]
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9 thoughts on “Samsung unveils Galaxy Note II

  • Avatar of Andreas Ødegård

    Do want….won’t buy xD money, thou art a heartless bitch

  • Avatar of JRDemaskus

    This is going to replace my Dell Streak 5.
    Assuming nothing else comes along that is more worthy.

  • Avatar of Marvin the Martian

    I would love it, but can’t afford it.

  • Avatar of Vakeros

    Though the number of pixels has reduced, this is due to a change in ratio to 16:9. I preferred the other ratio which is better for web-browsing. This seems aimed a video watching. The new S Pen is very good and hope there will be a way to use with the old Note. Though the active digitising is also better and this won’t be possible to improve on the old one as is hardware based from 256 to 1024 differing degrees of pressure. Would advise others to get who haven’t got a Note already, but not sure worth upgrading from existing Note.

  • Avatar of Tony gross

    I want one!!!!

  • Avatar of Kamen Minkov

    The pixel density of this display may indeed seem small compared to the Galaxy Nexus for example, but think of how it was perfectly normal a couple of years ago to see the same resolution in a 12-13-15-inch laptop screen.

  • Avatar of Varun Nanda

    Nice work with the Note 2 Samsung. Awesome innovative features :) Although im not a big fan of these so called “phablets”. Its a nice little addition to the existing market. :)

  • Avatar of Kamen Minkov

    I was thinking of getting the Galaxy Nexus, but I played a bit with the first Note a friend of mine owns and I like very much the functionality that pen adds. So I guess I’ll wait a bit to see what’s really coming to the Nexus line, though I also consider the Note (the first one doesn’t seem bad at all, by the way).

  • Avatar of Joshua

    I am, I am, …. excited that is.

    I was really bummed that Sprint never got the OG Note since HTC really hasn’t been doing it for me lately.

    I really enjoy natural user interfaces and I don’t give two… (ahem) about what Steve Job’s says. People want to write. It’s natural, its instilled in us as children.

    When something important is happening that you need to record you don’t try to frantically search for a work station or start swype-ing the important information into a phone. No you reach for good ole fashion pen and paper.

    Now I make no assertions that the Note II is going to replace the pen and paper. It is however nice to have that input option if desired.

    Patiently waiting on my next phone…


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