Spotify updates desktop app with Radio thumbs up, down ratings

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As you know, I’m a huge fan of Spotify. The service offers a huge selection of songs – and for $10 a month, you can listen to those songs on any operating system that has an official Spotify app. Two of those operating systems that do have an app are OS X and Windows, and Spotify has just updated their apps to include Radio thumbs up and down ratings.

If you’ve ever used Spotify Radio, then you’ll know that you can start it by selecting a song or artist and clicking the ‘Start Radio’ button. Spotify will then select tracks based on that song or artist. Unfortunately, unless you listened to the Radio on an iPhone or Android device, you weren’t able to tell Spotify if those songs were great or not. But with the new update, you can: the thumbs are now directly below the album art of whatever song you’re currently listening to, allowing you to tell the radio what you want to hear – and what you don’t.

More importantly, liked songs are automatically added to a ‘Liked from Radio’ playlist, so you can listen to all of your Radio favorites later. Unlike other internet radio providers, you can essentially save those songs and listen to the best from that radio station later.

I used to use Pandora to find out about new artists, but now I have no reason to. Pandora can’t add songs to a playlist for me – and it doesn’t let me download those songs onto any of my mobile devices, either.

The update is live now. Spotify should ask you to restart once the update is available.

[Spotify via PCMag]
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