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Sprint brings up LTE in four more markets

4g lte small1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereSprint’s high speed LTE network went live in four new markets today: Manhattan and Junction City, Kansas; Sedalia, Missouri; Baltimore, Maryland; and Gainesville, Georgia; as part of their Network Vision initiative.

Sprint subscribers in those areas should be seeing increased 4G speeds as well as enhanced 3G signal, performance, and theoretically call quality.

The turn-up comes about a month later than we’d previously expected it to be, but some other markets have been coming up a little earlier than expected.

It’s nice to see that Sprint remains committed to get the LTE technology out after the previous WiMAX network, which was widely-advertised but unfortunately not widely available.

If you’re in any of the markets that went live, let us know how it’s working for you and how good the coverage is. Some of the LTE markets that have been reported by Sprint as live had less than stellar coverage at go-time but have been slowly getting better day by day.

[Kansas City Business Journal]
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11 thoughts on “Sprint brings up LTE in four more markets

  • at least its announced I’ve been getting 4g hear in Baltimore for 2 weeks even if it isnt that fast only getting 6-8mbs

  • Avatar of Adam Bublitz

    They should try and work on their lte in Kansas city..i live in Kansas on the border so I was expecting 4 g but I only get it in one spot, and I was even by the sprint center downtown and didn’t get 4g…

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      I’ve read (may have been here) that they’re calling cities “up” when they reach a minimum threshold of something like 30% of what they expect capacity to be.

      I’m still waiting on pretty much anything from them now… I went to the LTE because, well, I sort of had to, and Sprint’s 3G is killing me.

  • Avatar of eddiegoez

    What about Austin, TX last word was early August and now not even a peep? :(

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      Considering these markets were 40 days behind what we were expecting, I’d add 40 days and assume that’s on track at the moment.

  • Ugh. Baltimore get it and not DC. Still waiting for DC before jumping the gun.

  • Avatar of tony gross

    great article, well written

  • Avatar of Tony gross

    Get to new Orleans !!!!!

  • Avatar of Darrell

    Get to L.A.! I hear you Paul, Sprint’s 3G is ABYSMAL!! ATROCIOUS!

  • Sprint better step it up. Not only is it taking them a really long time to get lte up and running and its almost october but the 3g in most areas is still horrible. If tmobile keeps improving as fast as they are sprint has a big problem especially since I am really close to jumping ship.

  • Avatar of Enoch

    i dont necessarily have a problem waiting for lte, its just that sprint is too slow compared to the other providers and not only that, when they open a market it really needs to work the moment its available and not like lag and have connection problems as some people have reported


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