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Sprint is giving families $400 to switch cell phone carriers

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Sprint really wants your business – so much so, it’s willing to give families of three or more $400 to switch to Sprint. Hey, that’s the price of two brand new HTC EVO 4G LTE phones!

Here’s how the promotion works. Granted, it might seem like there’s a lot of red tape, but none of the requirements are that unreasonable, and Sprint is giving away $400, after all.

  • You have to activate at least three new lines. (So, this won’t work if you’re like me and only have two lines on your family plan.)
  • The three new lines have to be active for at least 60 days. (You’re signing a two-year contract, though, so this shouldn’t be a problem.)
  • The $400 is in the form of instant in-store credit towards qualifying devices, i.e. phones. (That’s not as good as cash, but come on – this is a great way to get the whole family a shiny new smartphone on the cheap.)
  • You can’t use this offer in conjunction with mail-in rebates. (The last time I checked, a lot of Sprint’s phones don’t have mail-in rebates anymore – this includes the latest EVO.)
  • One line has to be ported from another non-Sprint carrier, i.e. any carrier except Boost and Virgin, and a few other small MVNOs. (Don’t most people port in their numbers, anyway?)

The offer will be available in store only from August 19-September 15, so make sure you get in on this if you’re interested while you still have time!

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