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Sprint LTE appears in San Francisco way ahead of schedule

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Sprint hasn’t officially announced any new 4G LTE markets since the initial 15 cities went live (although we’ve rounded up what we could from S4GRU for you here). Still, it seems that a few lucky subscribers in the San Francisco area are already able to connect to the network. This is in spite of rumors pegging the official launch in January 2013.

So far, reports have surfaced from people in Mountain View, Sunnyvale and Cupertino, which indicates that initial work on the network is happening in Silicon Valley, before spreading throughout the rest of the Bay Area.

Additionally, since these sites have not been officially announced by Sprint, it’s very possible that they will go on- and off-line repeatedly as the network gets tested, and depending on whether or not Sprint chooses to block LTE connections before the launch. Therefore, if you’re in one of these areas and can’t find an LTE connection right away, don’t worry quite yet.

For the rest of us who aren’t in the Bay Area, this is still great news. It shows that progress on the new network is proceeding as it should, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing more reports of LTE connectivity showing up in even more places across the country. Bring it on, Sprint!

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8 thoughts on “Sprint LTE appears in San Francisco way ahead of schedule

  • Avatar of Sprint Loves 'em They Ghettos

    Still waiting for 4G in the East Bay – east of the Oakland ghettos. Pimps & drug dealers served first by Sprint.

  • Avatar of Powerful

    L.A. should have been one of the big markets first. Looking forward to LTE out here.

  • im about 30 miles south of where lte is being seen. so close lol

  • On Sunday the 29th, I somehow caught LTE in a Chicago suburb at 2:30 am. Clocked 26.74 mbps down, 13.30 mbps up. This past Sunday the 5th, exact same spot, I had nothing. May have just been the right place at the right time when they were testing, but it has really made me even more anxious

  • Not to take off subject but did ya’
    ll know there was a leak on the international one x with sense 4.1? Fixes the multitasking issues and get’s a quadrant score of 6000+….On subject, i don’t think i will ever use LTE. I live in Baltimore and have great wimax. The EVO 4G LTE should have supported 3G,4G-wimax and 4G LTE.And allow users to switch between them.

    • The reason they couldnt have WiMax and LTE in the same handset is because there would have been an additional radio inside the phone. I believe the S4 allows the radio to be all on one chip increasing battery life and reducing heat of the phone,. Also they will be shutting down the WiMax network in a few years so LTE will be your only choice.

  • Avatar of Mark Ryan

    For the new reader, when Sprint says live, they mean they might have one tower working (sort of). Don’t rush out and buy a phone. If you do and can’t get LTE, don’t waste time with Customer Service Reps who claim you should be getting it. It’s just the big sales dance at this time, at least in Dallas. I would like to see a review of “live” cities against reality. How about it GoodAndEvo :) ?

    • Avatar of goober999

      That comment is spot on. Having seen or used it for 1 minute means nothing. When it works 24-7 then it’s something. Oh wait it’s sprint, make that 23-6


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