Stay on US Samsung Galaxy Nexus ban extended

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Originally, Judge Lucy Koh’s stay on the ban of US Samsung Galaxy Nexus sales was supposed to end on July 12 – but that day has come and gone, and now it’s the first day of August. The Galaxy Nexus is still being sold in the States and will continue to be until August 20, when the court will hold a hearing to make a final decision on Samsung’s appeal of the ban.

FOSS Patents‘ Florian Mueller had this to say about why it makes sense that the US Court of Appeals would extend the stay on the ban:

‘”Since the appeal can be adjudicated anytime after the August 20 hearing, it would make sense to just stay the injunction for the remainder of the appeals process given that a disruption of its sales is clearly more harmful to Samsung than an extended stay is to Apple.”

Mueller prefaces this by saying that it’s only “moderately favorable to Samsung,” if only because it’s not difficult to grant the stay extension because the issues listed in the quote above. What will be difficult, however, is coming to a final decision: it could take the court a little while to decide what should happen to Galaxy Nexus sales. After all, it’s a relatively big case – and I’m sure they want to do it right.

The case could go either way at this point. Judge Koh obviously thought the Galaxy Nexus was infringing on something – hence the ban – but she also gave it a stay until the court could make a final decision. We’ll all find out what will happen on August 20; until then, if you don’t have a Galaxy Nexus but want one, get going!

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