STRUT Launchport iPad dock adds inductive charging, probably not cheap

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Personally I’m all for $5 stands for my mobile devices, but if you want something a bit more elaborate, there are many options. The STRUT Launchport definitely goes in that category, and the fact that the price isn’t official yet is likely not a good sign for the budget oriented.

The Launchport system consists of an iPad case and a “pedestal,” the latter of which is shaped like a ball. It rotates, tilts, and pivots to allow you to adjust the angle of the attached iPad. The case part attaches to the sphere with magnets, and it then charges over that same connection point. This isn’t a mass produced item, and the price will no doubt reflect that.

I have to say that the case adds a bit too much bulk for my personal preference, and I couldn’t see myself using this system because of that. On the other hand, the thing looks awesome, and this could be a perfect solution for businesses that use iPads, like hotels, shops, and so on. Coming into your hotel room, grabbing a walnut-looking iPad from its base without worrying about wires, and ordering some room service from it sounds like a pretty neat setup.

[STRUT via Luxury-insider]
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Andreas Ødegård

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3 thoughts on “STRUT Launchport iPad dock adds inductive charging, probably not cheap

  • Avatar of Albert ® Almeida

    Looks expensive. Probably is.

  • Inductive charging would be worth something.

  • But not perhaps $1250.


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